Toulime show the blogger that you are man enough an can open a...

Dept Of Cyber Sanitation - April 23 2011, 4:53 PM

Toulime show the blogger that you are man enough an can open a vibrant internet blog instead of being dependant of Preval blog like a welfare recipient or a cyber recipient with a help me annd recipient mentality.Show that you are not a cyber bum.It is already degrading the way you and your clique are flattering little micky mouse for a position in his colonial administration.

You have no pride and dignity and are dangerous people.

Those that have a problem with the blogs that block their access from posting cyber garbage will be better off by opening their own blog to see how much attention they will receive.

I bet that they will avoid such humiliation by not open a blog in the first place.

Instead of complaining that people did not visiting their blog, they will prefers complaining they are being discriminated by blog owners.Google, Verizon, Yahoo, Geocities, word Press etc ton of them all of them offers free web site; go get one of them and stop complaining like helpless babies.[01234567890123456789]
The one you have to pay for start from $ 20,$40,$50,$80, 100 a year
Go to Google and type: how to open a web site
Go to Google and type: how to start a blog

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Toulimen Legrand you are a compulsive and...


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