Tell me one good thing aristide done for the poor. In other...

Richelle - April 18 2011, 3:14 PM

Tell me one good thing aristide done for the poor. In other for me to agree with you all defending him.Here in america when democrat say they are for middle class, they do something to prove it.92 when clinton take over he creates jobs for middle class.

He woked hard to destroy drugs, he make sure people without decent education go back to school, and to move them from welfare to depend on themselves.This is what call love the poor. I wish I was old enough when clinton had the power, this is when america was america.Now we living an americaca.

Go back to aristide, what job kk creates nothing.

However he was kept demanding help from america, french,and canadian while he claims they are the one who hates us.Yes they hate us but when they gave aristide help what aristide did whith their money.Take care his needs not create job, aristide is a master mind he knows how to play with the haitian people.But too bad he can not play with all of us.I hate that kk.

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Richelle,in my opinion i think he deed love the poor...


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