Stanley Lucas Calls For Vaccination Against Cholera In Haiti

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This guy is a sold out Haitian and he will sell Haiti to the United States in order to make Haitians become the new Guinea Pigs like the African Americans.

This stupid guy does not understand that the cholera is a biowarfare against the Haitian people to reduce the Haitian population.

He does not know that once one gets vaccinated one will be under the United Nations' population control.

For certain vaccines, you have received genes to develop other diseases and the white men have more control power over your body. The United Nations and the U.S. Corporations have developed the cholera vaccine in Thailand 2 years before the spread of the cholera in Haiti.

They have agents through the American-Haitian Red Cross to spread diseases all around the country and everyone is exposed to this biowarfare that we are facing in Haiti now. I am telling you to stay away from those Red Cross technicians and all NGOs agents in Haiti.

We need to kick those vermines out of Haiti if we want to save our families in Haiti.

We need to reduce the control of the white men power in our lives and Haitian scientists should develop their medicines to deal with diseases.

The new president needs to control all Red Cross activities in Haiti to prevent Haiti against those imperialistic biowarfares.

We need to take our destiny seriously if we want to save our fellow countrymen.

CIA, Red Cross, NGOs and Mormoni Jews should be carefully watched and monitored everywhere in Haiti to stop the spread of viruses against the Haitian population.

Stanley Lucas and Signal FM are selling Haiti to the International Community.

Scrutinize all SIGNAL FM Advertizing to see how they are selling Haiti to the United States when comparing Radio Metropole's Advertizing.

Joubert, April 4 2011, 10:55 PM

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Michel, 4-Apr-11 11:13 pm
Listen, how old are you? We have protested against HIV vaccine to all Haitians in the 1980s and we will protest again... read more >
Serge P. Leblanc, 5-Apr-11 1:07 pm
Angele, 5-Apr-11 1:59 pm
People preventing the vaccination of Haitian citizens against the cholera bacteria using conspiracy theories about... read more >
Carla Jasmin, 5-Apr-11 3:40 pm
I have to jump into this debate although I don't really know how it started. The United Nations/United States should... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 5-Apr-11 4:53 pm
Stanley lucas is dangerous if that's true. Don't panic we need an investigation where and how deep he is involve with... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 5-Apr-11 6:00 pm
Right, Aristide cronies lamenting. I am in total agreement with Carla and Stanley. People preventing the vaccination... read more >
Robert Sanon, 5-Apr-11 8:02 pm
This guy got a diploma in management and international relations from INAGHEI and he has two years law credentials... read more >
Joubert, 5-Apr-11 8:38 pm
You are a CIA agent like Stanley. A crony like you will sell Haitians like Juda did it to Christ. Shame on you and you... read more >
Petrus, 5-Apr-11 8:42 pm
He is not an EPIDEMIOLOGIST. Assholes like that are very dangerous. That is not Stanley Lucas job to call the Haitian... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 6-Apr-11 8:30 am
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