This guy got a diploma in management and international...

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This guy got a diploma in management and international relations from INAGHEI and he has two years law credentials before he studied overseas.

For his primary and secondary schools, he graduated from St-Louis De Gonzague or Bird College if I have good memory, but he acts as a dummy person by letting Americans using him to kill his people.

What I have come to understand in America is this:"Some unrooted Haitian people earn diplomas or college degrees in the United States but they are brainwashed like most Americans here to let the United States government use its biopower and biotechnology to control their lives."

In America, only white people fully achieve their life expectancy whereas blacks and other minorities don't. They get killed before they earn their retirement money.

Only whites enjoy their retirement money in America whereas others have to get killed earlier through their own doctors before they get their retirement money.

One white person advised me to stay away from doctors in America if I want to live longer.

The reason that some republicans are arguing about the healthcare mandate is because they don't want government to have full control of their lives within their healthcare system.

Once you get injections from those criminals, you set up the path for your own death.

I know three African Americans who retired at 62, 65 and 67 and the next year following their retirement they die from some mysterious diseases and I ask a white friend of mine why is that for them?

He said Toulimen those people had received their death injections 5 to 7 years prior to their death and I said why?

He quickly replied this: as an extremist white person I have to tell you that it is "population control" and bad genetics got involved into that. He advised me to read a book written by two African American women entitled "The Delanie Sisters' book" to uncover the hidden truth about planned deaths for African Americans.

The White men in positions of power with the discovery of DNA, gene mutations and vaccines control the lives of all on earth.

They create viruses and other people are not able to find cures for them and that's where the vaccines' phenomenon came from. This stupid guy called Stanley thought he knew politics but he does not know anything at all. He will sell Haitians for money and he believes that he is the most qualified politicians in Haiti.

White men will love him because he is easily manageable for them. We need to study the politics of the white men and stay away from those criminals who believe that they are GOD on earth.

They want us to hate our elites to love them, but when you take time to study their racism against the human race and especially blacks around the African Continent and in America you will not betray the Haitian elites for those criminals.

They inflicted so many diseases to Africans in Africa and they made their countries dependent to them because they are not able to find cures for those diseases and that is why Africa has rampant poverty everywhere in that continent.

Stanley wants to sell Haitians for money.

We want to tell him that we are not Guinea Pigs and we will not vaccinate to reduce our life expectancy under the so-called white men's population control.

Vaccines are white men's devices to control people lives for certain periods of time. What makes America the greatest power on earth is its military strength and its biotechnology to create vaccines and viruses to control the lives of others.

They know how to poison and infect anyone who refuses to abide by their rules.

I am already a dead person but I want to save some of you and some Haitians in Haiti.

Be ourselves and stay way from white men in positions of power.

Please carefully corner them and monitor what they are doing in Haiti to make them fully accountable.

I will not sell Haitians for money and for power.

Stanley is trying to sell Haitians as a CIA agent and people must be careful about this sold-out Haitian.

He exactly knows what he is doing but he does not care because the pay is great, but he will be killed in the same way that Haitians will get killed under the vaccine's cholera plot. They will not avoid giving it to him too as a criminal and if he does not apologize I will make Haitians blow a gasket off him.

Joubert, April 5 2011, 8:38 PM

Topic: Stanley Lucas Calls For Vaccination Against Cholera In Haiti

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Serge P. Leblanc, 5-Apr-11 1:07 pm
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Toulimen Legrand, 5-Apr-11 4:53 pm
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 5-Apr-11 6:00 pm
Right, Aristide cronies lamenting. I am in total agreement with Carla and Stanley. People preventing the vaccination... read more >
Robert Sanon, 5-Apr-11 8:02 pm
This guy got a diploma in management and international relations from INAGHEI and he has two years law credentials... read more >
Joubert, 5-Apr-11 8:38 pm
You are a CIA agent like Stanley. A crony like you will sell Haitians like Juda did it to Christ. Shame on you and you... read more >
Petrus, 5-Apr-11 8:42 pm
He is not an EPIDEMIOLOGIST. Assholes like that are very dangerous. That is not Stanley Lucas job to call the Haitian... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 6-Apr-11 8:30 am
You are right! He is the twin brother with Toto Constant. Some day, He will be in hell. read more >
Mjb, 6-Apr-11 8:35 am
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