Solutions to help Haiti. Vote yes or no

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1-Let's pass a law and sterilized all poor woman after a second pregnancy

2-Lets pass a law and make monthly kombit mandatory

3-Let's pass a law and make it mandatory that before entering the free university all kids have to spend a year teaching in the public school.

Much country in Europe has community service

4-Lets open bateyes (very cheap to do) in all the small towns.

Since they all want to be deputies and senators I do not know if they will want to farm or take care of chickens.

Sebastien, May 1 2011, 11:37 PM

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Your mother was too stupid to get sterilized that is why you are a public menace.Do the reverse engineering on yourself. read more >
Raul Cedras, 2-May-11 1:56 am
Sebastien,Do you mean only rich women can have babies in Haiti? I am not with you on that one budy,as for the rest i... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 2-May-11 7:43 am
Jean Pierre I said after 2 pregnancies meaning 2 kids the government should tie their tubes meaning "rete yo". Most... read more >
Sebastian, 2-May-11 6:45 pm
Never My friend! You can do something like that in communist countries. No man neither man should be controlled by any... read more >
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 2-May-11 7:11 pm
pastor, What kind of Pastor want people to have many women. The bible is against that. Anyway China limited the amount... read more >
Sebastian, 2-May-11 8:04 pm
Sebastien,meaning the law should apply for the rich also. My question to you Sebas,Why the poor only? Discrimination... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 2-May-11 9:13 pm
Because the rich can and will take car of his children. You won't see those kids homeless in the street. It is no... read more >
Sebastien, 2-May-11 10:31 pm
These are the principles to care the level of poverty. #1 Stop all government stealing and robbing. #2 Limited... read more >
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 2-May-11 10:54 pm
Why can't a woman be sterilized after you have 2 kids? How many should they have"Pitit se richess malheureux se parole... read more >
Sebastian, 2-May-11 11:12 pm
Pastor, China will pass the US in less than 20 years if the keep at it(google it) Having kids and thinking bondie bon... read more >
Sebastian, 2-May-11 11:39 pm
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