Solutions To Help Haiti. Vote Yes Or No

Sebastien Says...

1-Let's pass a law and sterilized all poor woman after a second pregnancy

2-Lets pass a law and make monthly kombit mandatory

3-Let's pass a law and make it mandatory that before entering the free university all kids have to spend a year teaching in the public school.

Much country in Europe has community service

4-Lets open bateyes (very cheap to do) in all the small towns.

Since they all want to be deputies and senators I do not know if they will want to farm or take care of chickens.

Posted May 1 2011 at 11:37 PM

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Very Good Job Sir; This Is Not To Brag About Your Saying, But To Boost The Reality Of This Message. Do People Know That Poverty, Abuse, And Negligence To Serve Well Is The Only Reason That Many Countries In The World... Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. 05/03/2011
Sebastien,That's Mean Only The Rich Can Multiply The Earth? So God Is An Asshole By Saying Go And Multiply The Earth? So God Deed Not Want All His Children To Eat And Have An Happy Life On Earth? Sebas,Maybe We Are The... Jean Pierre Alexandre 05/03/2011
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