Pastor, China will pass the US in less than 20 years if the...

Sebastian - May 2 2011, 11:39 PM

China will pass the US in less than 20 years if the keep at it(google it)

Having kids and thinking bondie bon ya mange is moun nan morn mantalite.Moun eclaire tankou ou doue konnin ke allowing a homeless person to have 9 kids is bad for the country.

Out of the 9, 8 of them will be future zenglendo, kidnapper, assassins.

# 5 would be very good

But #6 Free education for all until High school will not happen in your lifetime
#7 Free health care for all now you're joking who will pay for it?

the diapora?

Mr Blanc or the haitians that are playing dominos all day?

Pastor if you have any connections ask Martelly pou li bay moun yo on ti monen pou pou yo komanse ramase fatra.

Anpil fatra anpil job .Yo paresseux trop.

This is a direct reply to: These are the principles to care the level of...


Solutions to help Haiti. Vote yes or no

1-Let's pass a law and sterilized all poor woman after a second pregnancy 2-Lets pass a law and make monthly kombit...

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