Markess Prospere, don't you repeat that name in your dirty...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 11 2011, 7:01 AM

Markess Prospere, don't you repeat that name in your dirty mouth"Paul Eugene Magloire" for no reason again.

By the way at the age of 7 my sons used to play with Uzi, Uzi is like BB gun.
If you want to talk about fire power, one of my best weapons, i mean the top choice is the big fat mama i call it"The MG-42"but i like to caress the M2HB .50 because i don't want them to get jaleous.

Weapons can get very jealous, you know!
If you modified the barrel of the MG42,it's a lazer gun you have in your hand.
Damm, i love that machine gun :)

If, you use to steal Haiti wealth, abuses Haiti, kills innocents people, kidnapping people, zinglindos,ratpakaka gangs, chimeres gangs, don't respect the law?

I don't think you will see day light again.

I will be here wacthing you with the metal in my right hand while the bible is in my left hand.
Don't you forget that.


Alexandre Alibaba Executive under Micky Mouse

Jean Pierre Alexandre will be the Alibaba in chief with his forty thieves under the Micky rat pillage & gaspillage...

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