Contract For Tanks,Machine Guns,warplanes,jail Construction Underway

Vonvon Says...

According to a source close to Michel Martelly, a group of death merchants from the USA and France are negotiating with Sweet Micki contracts for $ 420,000, sell, military and police equipment such as IFV vehicles, tanks, rifles, and communication equipment to Haiti.

Those companies are: [Boeing Defense, Bushmaster Firearms, Caspian Arms, Charles Daly, Detonics, General Dynamics, Hi-Point Firearms, Knights Armament Company, Land warfare Resources, Tachyon, Lockheed Martin, Remington Arms, Smith & Wesson, Textron System, and Thompson; Nexter, Matra Bae, Thales Group from France], this shows that the government of Michel Martelly gives priority to death merchants to kill his own people for the satisfaction of Canada, France and USA.
While Haiti needs to develop its agriculture infrastructure, its road infrastructure, its health care infrastructure, its infrastructure for schools and universities, This criminal chose to buy weapons as his first priority.

Posted April 18 2011 at 4:47 PM

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Martelly Needs To Bring The Guns And Jails To Arrest All Lavalasses And Unite Partisans And Reopen Fort Dimanche 12 Hour After His Inauguration.Those That Don't Like It Should Leave Haiti Right Now Duvalierist De 1ere Heure 04/21/2011
We Have Good Spring Water All Over The Territory Too,We Just Need To Protect Our Environment And Have Some Good Tap Water For Every House In The Country. We Need To Get Out The Box,Need To Think Big,Need To Think 100... Jean Pierre Alexandre 04/21/2011
I Bet You That The American Will Compell Sweet Micky To Build More Jails,Prisons,Gendarmes,Spies,Leopards And Macoutes Rather Than Build Schools,Universities And Hospital. If Haiti Change For The Better In 5 Or 10... Luc Pierre 04/21/2011
I Agree With You At 100% That Haiti Does Not Need Arms' Contract Rather It Needs Technical Equipments And Good Human Resources To Rebuild, But Uncle Sam Will Not Agree With You And He Will Not Stop Financing Kidnapping... Toulimen 04/21/2011
Nothing Else To Add, You Are Making The Right Point; They Must Be No Deal On Arms, Construction Of Jail, Bomb Shell We Don't Need Those Crap. Haiti Needs What MR. Jean Pierre Just Stated. Haitian Leader Especially Rgwe... Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. 04/20/2011
There Is Plans To Have An Intelligence Service Anti-Communist Also This Will Be A Renaissance Of The Duvalier Times 1957-1986 Martelly Should Make A Full Disclosure Of All His Assets Tangible And Liquid. So Let... Concerned Haitian 04/20/2011
Vonvon,Haiti Can Get Very Cheap Weapons Thru China,Russia,Israel. Now,It's Not The Time For Lockheed,Boeing Or Detonics. Haiti Needs Farm Tractors With Plows,Bulldozers,Motor Graders,Cultivators, Canals For... Jean Pierre Alexandre 04/18/2011