I agree with you at 100% that Haiti does not need arms...

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I agree with you at 100% that Haiti does not need arms' contract rather it needs technical equipments and good human resources to rebuild, but Uncle Sam will not agree with you and he will not stop financing kidnapping activities in Haiti.

America has brought to Haiti drug trafficking and kidnapping's activities in Haiti to force us sign an arms' deal with them to restore the old army. Who are financing those kidnapping activities?

They are CIA, old demobilized soldiers and not all, mercantile elites that want to retain market monopoly in Haiti and the MINUSTAH.

Whenever the time MINUSTAH's contract came to expiration, you have more kidnapping activities so the government could renew its contract.

When Haiti puts in place an army trained to defend the interests of the rich against the poor which I don't agree at all, all kidnapping activities will stop. Who are going to manage this army at the executive level?

They will be the sons and daughters of the old mulatto officers and they are in training in the U.S. and in Canada as well. Yesterday, I was talking to one them and he said we are ready to go back to Haiti to restore order there.

The mulattoes like the army and businesses and they are good in those activities.

Aristide and Preval resisted to the plan to bring an army with all mulatto officers at its executive level but Michel Martelly would get them back to protect its class interests.

When I argued in my earlier postings that Haitian politics sucks I knew what I was saying.

The mulattoes cannot maintain their bourgeoisie class in Haiti without an army.

They are located in South Eastern and western part of Haiti and they are well connected with Petionville.

What can we do to solve class' problems in Haiti?

Can Martelly help us solve those problems?

Agent X is one of the blog owners and this dog said that I called him yesterday on his cellphone, but he needs to know that I am pretty close to track his site to bring him to justice for infringing my first amendment rights.

I will teach him a lesson and he will learn.

He creates this blog to spy on us and that is why it is blocked in Haiti.

What I do with his blog, I copy and paste all the contents to another Haitian blog so Haitian in Haiti can learn about us. He needs to be careful messing up with me as a wrong person to target.

He is a spy for the CIA, MINUSTAH, some Old Haitian soldiers not all and the mercantile elites of Haiti.

We will teach them a lesson and Haiti will be free. We understood the conspiracy theory and the blame game accusation that prevented Haiti from moving forward over the past 25 years and we would liberate Haiti for real. Once we can restore death penalty on Haitian soil, the CIA drug dealers will leave Haiti.

We need to get control of the army so the sons and daughters of the mulattoes would not be back to colonize Haiti again.

We need them in education and in other functions in Haiti and not in the army to oppress Haitian people.

I spoke to so many of them and I know many things about their colonization plan. They are scared of me and they want to kill me but remember with the wisdom of the Almighty One no one will have the power to attack an invisible spirit like myself.

I will fight them to death and to the end. Remain confident Pastor Dumaine and we will win ok. Good job and tell Jean-Pierre to keep up with the fight ok!I love you all and keep up with the good fight that is greater than us!

Toulimen, April 21 2011, 1:25 PM

Topic: Contract for Tanks,Machine guns,warplanes,jail construction underway

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