Markess, get out of the kitchen while you can. You've just...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 11 2011, 10:01 PM

Markess, get out of the kitchen while you can.
You've just mentioned,"we the people".Did or do you think Aristide, Preval represent the people?

or, are the people?

:) the people are within the void?

You most be a dunce mother fucker to think you got the people with you.
We are the people, dumb ass.
Wake-up, you are an ignorant fag.
Don't waste my time punk,"you used to be a criminal like me you say"?

I don't thing so, they is a big difference between you and i.
You are an animal with low selfsteem and logic.

Like you said, you was a criminal, a thief, zinglindo,drug dealer, ratpakaka,chimeres, you are one of the killers Aristide send to kill the french diplomat.

The difference between you and me is not the same at all.
I have great knowledge in deadly weapons because that's my field of works in US defense started with the best combat fighter planes you can imagine.

Again, you used to kill because you are wicked and you never had a cause except to gain money from your master that used to oppresse the people of Haiti.

Listen, game is over for you.
map fout lage katouch nan tout tou bouda'wou.

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Thank you for displaying publicly your assassin...


Alexandre Alibaba Executive under Micky Mouse

Jean Pierre Alexandre will be the Alibaba in chief with his forty thieves under the Micky rat pillage & gaspillage...

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