Haitian Unity Must Be The Driving Force of Our Freedom Liberation Fight

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Our Liberation Fight Must Be Our Goal:
Haiti is an oppressed country and the oppressors are the U.S.CIA, certain sectors of the Haitian Elites and the Haitian thieves.

This sort of oppression has been transferred to many Haitians and if we don't stop this it will destroy our country for real. There should be a change of attitude from the United States in the way they are dealing with Haiti which is very detrimental to our culture, economy and as well as our educational system.

The U.S.CIA should stop killing intellectual Haitian dissidents who are against their way of doing things in Haiti and it should not be the role of the United States to dictate us what to do as an independent country.

This change of attitude is needed from the U.S. and Martelly had articulated it to them in his last visit at the White House.

For those rich who are living in two worlds such as the mercantilist one and the capitalistic one, I am advising them to live in one world which should be Capitalism with a human face or a socio-capitalism system that can transform our way of life for good. I am asking them to stop killing intellectual Haitian dissidents rather it is better to confront them by engaging in real dialog to serve the interests of our divided nation.

Ethnic cleansing is not the solution to our economic ills rather we should put our issues on the table and try to find ways on how to solve them in order to make us more humans.

We need to put our differences aside to share a common cultural heritage to save Haiti.

A true bilingualism can make us become real Haitians like Canadians who are aimed to speak and write French and English.

We need to reform the educational system of exclusion as inherited with the old French model to create a true bilingual system while teaching French and Creole in parity at all levels within our educational system to make others know who we are as Haitians.

I would love to see this: "Bienvenue En Haiti/Ou Lakay Ou" at the Haiti's international airport and everywhere in Haiti so the whole world would know that we are a French/Creole speaking country very unique to boost Haitian images overseas.

I want the rich to stop making the French as a language for intellectuals to separate and divide all Haitians rather it would be necessary to make all Haitians speak both languages at the same time where a person would not be qualified as an intellectual for being able to speak French alone.

We can do that and if we cannot do it, let impose Creole as the target teaching language to unite all. If all Haitians had the economic means to develop Haiti, Creole would be the official language of Haiti and the minority of 3% from the Haitian Bourgeoisie could not impose both languages as official languages of Haiti.

In this situation, money talks and the minority rule the place.

We can respect that but we want all a true bilingualism that can serve the interests of both the elites and the poor if we are really aimed to coexist in a peaceful society.

A true bilingualism like the Canadian model will help us solve our differences and save Haiti by eliminating the education for exclusion model as inherited within the old French educational system.

It is time for all of us to see the needs of restoring good governance in Haiti to get rid of all crooks within all Haiti's public administrations.

For instance, some Haitians and not all are looking for jobs just to become rich and not to serve the interests of others.

They want to occupy a job just to build big castles in Haiti where many Haitians are living in abject poverty.

Haitians are too materialistic and the religions in Haiti emphasize or promote too much materialism as a way to acquire wealth where serving the needs of others is forgotten in their discourse.

When I was growing up, I was told to be a humble person to serve the needs of others.

My church was engaged in school activities and the pastor was helping so many poor people to make them better their lives.

He said to me that's what Jesus wants us to do Toulimen.

He was a saint living among us in Haiti and he was killed by those criminal kidnappers in Port-Au-Pce for no reason.

The church needs to be modernized and the state should create some rules to bring all Catholic and Protestant churches and Voodoo temples under control to stop exploitation of the Haitian masses.

Haitians are exploited by all powerful members within the Haitian society.

Many pastors and priests and not all are racketeering mafias engaged in dirty activities to become rich instead of helping others to better their lives.

Some Churches and temples and not all are preaching lies and the Haitian society is crumbling.

We need to go by the message of Christ that states:" The son of man (God) has not come on earth to be adored but to serve others." Instead of praying Jesus for grace or favor, Haitians should follow his example which is serving others.

I love Jesus as one of the Greatest Teachers ever and not as an adorator by praying him for favor.

By following his footsteps, I have learned how to serve the needs of those who are unfortunates and want to better their lives.

I don't need jobs from anyone in Haiti and I am not looking for one either rather I am looking for ways to improve my people's lives in Haiti.

I believe if Haitians were aimed to save Haiti, they could collect money from each other and find a way to go back to Haiti to open a school or any economic project in a special area in Haiti to help others while forgetting about politics.

Can we do that?

Of course, we can do it and as Linda argues it Haiti needs people with goodwill to reduce or eliminate poverty on a gradual basis.

This is our liberation freedom fight and we must strive to keep this fight going on if we want Haiti to be healed and saved.

We have identified the oppression forces and let's find a way to make them accountable in stopping them from destroying our beloved country.

That's the national dialog that we should engage in Haiti by telling the United States that it is a big part of our problems for aiming to swallow our culture to replace it by its culture which many of us don't like at all. We must tell the United States to stop its CIA forces in their quest of dividing as well as killing Haitians in Haiti.

We must tell the United States that the Guerilla Base at the Haitian-DR's border should cease as well as the CIA base in Avenue N in Port-Au-Pce. We should tell Gregory Mevz to stop living in two worlds to embrace the globalized world's vision to make things better for all Haitians.

Can we do that?

Yes, we can and yes we can!
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Toulimen Legrand, April 25 2011, 11:07 AM

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