Kidnapping Is A Device Used By MINUSTAH And Old Army To Restaure A New Army

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Some people here on this blog deliberately associate my name with Duvalierist, Lavalasist and Prevalist to name a few. I want to seize the opportunity to tell you for whatever camp that you are representing in Haiti that you are completely wrong in your vague assertions and accusations against me, Toulimen.

Over the past 25 years, I had the chance to analyze all those past regimes to certain extent and I have found none of them could have filled my needs; and therefore, I could never work for any of those monstruous past regimes that Haiti had never known in its history.

From Duvalier to Preval, Haitian political leaders never embrace civilization to enter the Modern World and that is why the puppeteers use them as ignorant to mismanage Haiti.

To me, whether it is Aristide, Preval and going further to Micky, I don't think so that the Haitian elites and the CIA would never allow Haiti to think and work for its fellow citizens.

While most of you were doing and continue to do political partisanship, I was pointing out Haitian social issues, analyzing them as well as providing solutions to cope with them.

The restauration of an Armed Forces was a way to silent those kidnappers in Haiti as well as stopping crimes too. But who are those kidnappers and when did the kidnapping start?

It started under the Prospere Avril government and being modernized with MINUSTAH to please the CIA as a device to restore the Haitian Army. Will this army please Haitians?

May be yes or not, and it will serve the interests and the needs of the United States government to sell more guns to Haiti.

Will it be a repressive army?

May be yes or not, and you may be aware that all armies are oppressive and repressive forces by nature and they exist to protect the interests of the rich conservative people.

I am not naive for calling for the restauration of the Haitian army to stop the old military agents from continuing the kidnapping activities in Haiti.

They are doing that with the blessing of the United States until they get the armed deal contract package signed with the new Haitian government and after that all kidnapping activities will cease all over the country.

Who do you think are involved in those kidnapping activities?

They are CIA members, MINUSTAH, Old Haitian soldiers and certain elites members.

Do you think that I am naive to call for the restauration of the Haitian army?

No, it is a simple way to the end this mess in Haiti.

Give the Americans what they need so they can leave this country alone.

They want to sell Haiti guns to repress others while not thinking about educating its citizens, let them sell you those guns, but if you are organized you can silent those guns in the country.

I am not naive and I don't belong to CIA, Army, Lavalas, Prevalist or Michelist to name a few.

I feel like that is a waste time writing on this board where you have a disguised blog manager who keeps blocking people's IPs and fading out stories to make his/her points accross.

We are so divided on issues and whomever tries to clarify issues for you and help you solve it too could get easily killed.

I don't want to insult anyone but sometimes I am asking myself this question: should Haitians be protected and saved?


For instance, Ibelieve and many will believe it too, if one is able to use a computer to write something or providing some thoughts, anyone could assume that one is dealing with scholarly instructed and educated citizens, but it is not the case for some of you not to include all.

In many posts here, it is hard to find analytical, logical and critical skills which are very essential to any writer to open a debate.

Many of you and not all are full of passions and emotions while writing on this political blog. Politics cannot be made with passions and emotions, but with critical, logical and analytical skills.

I have said it over and over that I am not attached to any political party or group affiliation in Haiti and I don't see why people are trying to identify me with those past governments from which I never worked for or getting any favor at all. Associating Toulimen with any political group or affiliation is the last thing to do for me, for I don't believe in any of those political tribal groups in Haiti.

I always repeat it that Haitian politics sucks and the CONSPIRACY CIA'S HAITIAN ELITES is not an easy thing to dismantle and Haiti will always govern on repeating its history.

The owner of this blog has released all our IPs to CIA and the Haitian elites so beware of what's waiting for you in HAITI.

This posting may be my last one and I will not use any faked pseudos as many of you may have thought of it rather I will monitor my former postings because this blog manager will resurface them to fade true story away and I will react in case s/he does. This blog manager uses several faked names to fade out stories on this blog. S/he is a vilain personage and it is sad for Haiti.

To those courageous bloggers without citing their names, I may say good bye and I encourage you to keep up with the good work although in the kingdom of the blind people, deaf ones are king to repeat an old saying.

Good luck and keep up with the good work!

Toulimen Legrand, April 17 2011, 3:30 PM

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