Hi mrs would be happy to help haiti do you know how many...

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Hi mrs would be happy to help haiti do you know how many people I help every month on my little pay check.

I could said the same as every body that claim that they are not haitian.

but the love for the place I was born is stronger than you think.How do you want me to add more of my hard working dollars to people that I do not know what they going to do?

I was in haiti in 2001 where I got a gun in my head with my 5 years old daughter to get off the car I was in. then later on the bus took of with my money because I spoke english with my child just to name a few. that is why I can not go to haiti because everytime I said Im going my children freak out.I do not know for you I can explain to you how haiti was beautifull when jean-claude was the president and guess what he did took away taxes and let the miners minning haiti and used that money for beautification of the country.That is why whenever people are talking bad on him I feel angry.

If I have to add on more dollars to what I already send fuck everybody.

in the other hand I will tell you on big secret of me I make a decent amount of money but the fact that my children dad come in the country with no shoes and I have to put a shoes in his feet and gues what he left so Inot only I have to provide for me also for them.
Ket me tell you something the miners are still in haiti the gouvernment have to go after them as well as the rich before the diaspora

Fuck, April 27 2011, 7:55 PM

Topic: Martelly intend to charge $1 more for every $100 you send to Haiti

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Tiba, I hear you loud and clear. If Martelly is serious about reforming Haiti and attracting investment then the first... read more >
Jynee, 26-Apr-11 9:02 pm
did you meam that I have to pay taxes for haiti when I can not even efford to pay mi bills here and always find a way... read more >
Fuck, 27-Apr-11 12:47 pm
some of you Haitians need to understand love of country. do you even know what love means? there can't be love without... read more >
Jynee, 27-Apr-11 2:23 pm
Jynne, Micky should not tax us rather he should ask for 20% or 25% of their profits like the Quebecker's government... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 27-Apr-11 7:18 pm
Hi mrs would be happy to help haiti do you know how many people I help every month on my little pay check. I could... read more >
Fuck, 27-Apr-11 7:55 pm
Vrey well said Sebastien. I totally agree with this decision to charge 1% of every transfer from the diaspora if there... read more >
Katia, 27-Apr-11 10:15 pm
how the government in Haiti take the money matter not to me, whether they take it off the receiver or the sender or... read more >
Jynee, 28-Apr-11 12:54 am
I beleive you miss my point. I do not say that taking taxes is not important, but I emphasize on teaching the... read more >
Katia, 28-Apr-11 8:17 pm
you make a good point. the goverment have a lot of place to look for money. As diaspora we already did a lot for the... read more >
Fucks, 28-Apr-11 9:51 pm
I had to send my cuz 600 for her to get a new place, i had to pay the transfer fee, so if they charge me an extra $6... read more >
Jynee, 28-Apr-11 11:10 pm
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