Does Preval blog has a life after the Preval Administration?

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What going to happen to this blog after February 2011?

What will happen to the actors, clowns,magouyeurs, pedants,historians, psychologists,journalists, reporters,writers, bloggers,faux clergy, Good Vaudouisants, etc..

I want to know.

Curious George, June 23 2010, 3:04 AM

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Preval blog symbolizes true democracy. It has been the paragon of free press even-though most of its ungrateful users... read more >
Chabine, 23-Jun-10 3:23 am
Well on your list you forget to mention the poly ti chiens. I hope that it was not an oversight from you. read more >
Carolle, 23-Jun-10 3:28 am
Oh, please people! It has been the history since the beginning of time that government/regime/administration leaves... read more >
Tiba, 23-Jun-10 3:54 pm
Rene Garcia Preval, born January 17, 1943, is a Haitian politician and agronomist who has been the President of the... read more >
Zo Devan, 23-Jun-10 4:20 pm
I am afraid that this site will fade away after Preval is no longer our president. read more >
Janelle Montplaisir, 27-Jun-10 2:32 am
A bunch of "ti bourik"who used to waste their time and energy on this blog by trying to criticize Preval for invalid... read more >
Bazil, 18-Sep-10 1:57 pm
First, the sans culotte ak pantalon going to take credits for work that were done under the Preval administration as... read more >
Bazil, 27-Apr-11 7:02 am
Bazil,you need to retire while you can modified the old way of doing things to the new way,face it Haiti will never... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 27-Apr-11 8:20 am


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