I knew that you were right all along your old postings. People...

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I knew that you were right all along your old postings.

People are witnessing the truth about what you earlier told them. It takes me time to judge a political leader and especially a president when I know doing a job like that requires a lot of skills and political will to do so, but one thing that I know for sure Preval had no qualifications to be the president of Haiti.

He will go down in the garbage of history as a Mr. Nothing and not as a former president of Haiti.

He is the friend of Hilary and Bill Clinton and when one has strong ties with influential U.S. politicians one can do anything in Haiti and that is why Preval divided Haitians like that.

Once one can give to the U.S. government what they need one can do anything my friend.

You were right and you are still right about this scumbag or puppet president in Haiti.

He must be judged and jailed if convicted and he would be convicted for sure. The U.S. embassy wants the CEP to explain how 14 INITE's candidates got elected where people did not really vote for them. Remember, I had asked Martelly to call for an independent electoral revision to hold them accountable and that is what is going to happen.

You see why I had called many people to vote for a younger person in Haiti one who could be connected to us. I just emailed Martelly a few days ago and with the power of the web he said that he would do exactly what I asked him to do so.

That's what we need with a youth president.

Micky is connected to us and he has appointed two people to deliver the contents of this blog to him and we should continue to provide more thoughts.

He knows that Tiba, Toulimen, Jynnee, Jean-Pierre, Pastor Dumaine, Joubert, Serge, Middy and others are great bloggers and we are asked to continue to fight for the cause that is bigger than all of us. We must fight them to death and we will win. Don't you see how Hilary ended her press conference with Micky because he spoke badly against Preval whom is her dearest friend.

Hilary cannot protect Preval and he will be incarcerated once he gets convicted and justice will be served.

Good Job my friend! Keep up with the good work!

Toulimen Legrand, April 22 2011, 4:44 PM

Topic: Preval A Fait Frauder Les Elections Pour Controler La Presidence

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I knew that you were right all along your old postings. People are witnessing the truth about what you earlier told... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 22-Apr-11 4:44 pm
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 22-Apr-11 11:12 pm
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