I am not afraid of CIA like you or macoute like you. Now you...

Tirpiuoy - April 17 2011, 4:58 PM

I am not afraid of CIA like you or macoute like you.
Now you are part of Martelly death squad and propaganda machine.

How much the CIA pays you to open the new blog in order to make propaganda for Martelly and his homos erectus?

Now you are playing the role of Paul Joseph Goebbels, the Hitler chief of propagandist.

You are a right wing. You are pro Duvalier, pro macoutes, Pro privatization, pro globalist, pro Michel Martelly, pro vices, pro macissi-madivinese, anti-progress, anti Aristide.

Do me a favor; Respect yourself while you are leaving; do not tell our bloggers your website because I will be very upset if you try to steal this audience.

However, you should take the following opportunists with you: Linda, Jean Pierre Alexandre, Tiba, Passgas-flatulence Rivel Dumaine Doctor and salesman in snake oils--.



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You are a dog and you will remain a dog.

Toulimen is doing a very good job for all Haitians...

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