I don't want to call you names but I realize that I am dealing...

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I don't want to call you names but I realize that I am dealing with a skunk person who is poising as an American on this blog. You are raised to spy on Haitians on this blog but we can teach a lesson that could make you regret all your spies on this blog. You have mentioned Voodoo in your posting and if you want to know what Voodoo is you can learn it. I cannot deny Voodoo realities for your stupid Christianity religion created to colonize and fool ignorant.

I am not a colonized Haitian and I am not Christian at all. If you want to get on my nerves I am telling you this:You will get what you are bargaining for. Make mo mistakes, I don't play with crazy people.

You may learn what you don't know on a simple lesson.

Voodoo is very sacred and I learned the existence of the Almighty through Voodoo and again you must have pure intentions and cleaned hands to practice the sacredness of Voodoo.

You cannot stand the truth and you are always hurt when people are voicing opinions that are contrary to your beliefs.

Why don't you move to another American blog?

This is an Haitian blog and as an Haitian-American poising as an American you can regret this choice and the duty assigned to this choice.

Again, if you want to get my nerves you will get them and I don't play with crazy people.

We don't want America to feed us, we want America to feed its citizens and live us alone.

We want to borrow money to finance our own economic projects to be less dependent toward America but America refuses to leave us alone because of our rare mineral resources.

We will not give up and we will prevail because we are strong and resilient people.

This is the last time that I have to warn you for your impertinence ok.

Toulimen, March 3 2011, 6:48 PM

Topic: Haïtians fleing Mexico .

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