RE: The Dumbest And The Most Idiotic Ruling/Vote Of The Century!

Jean Pierre Alexandre Says...

Dirty Cop, how long you and i, exchanged stupid, useless words across this blog?

You know!(?) I am tired of this bad energy flowing constantly around us. Remenber you are my brother, just remember that.From now one, you are no longer a dirty cop to me.
I will call you by your favory name "AGENT X".

We need to respect our opinions and debates our difference until reach a point of understanding between us.
I just attach my white towel on the barrel of my metal, asking you for peace and respect, this time i want you to respect that pact, not like the last time you asked us for peace and you almost break your neck from falling down the floor of laughter, and i hope you remember that moment, after 2 days you were already launch a massif attack against Toulimen, Pastor Rivel Dumaine and I.
You need to start praying the lord Jesus Christ for peace cause he is the Prince of peace and love.
Haiti is our goal together we can make a change no matter of our differences.

We most see Haiti as our common goal.
If you violate that pact, i will send you my love always in return.

Shalom my brother

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