Jean-Pierre, when you are bleeding on your teeth the blood...

Toulimen Legrand - April 26 2011, 9:08 AM

Jean-Pierre, when you are bleeding on your teeth the blood comes from the gum and it is followed by an inflamtion.

The inflamation brought you pain if not treated immediately.

To stop the bleeding, one can use hydrogen peroxide by gargling it for one or two days to bring the inflamation down right away. However, if you use a good toothpaste with no fluoride for the people who are allergic to fluoride and many Haitians and not all are allergic to the fluoride inserted into the U.S. toothpastes.

In certain areas in Haiti, people are using the toothpaste called Fluorcaril because there is a lot of fluoride present in the water where they live, but for some other areas where the water does not have fluoride people use fluoride free toothpastes to deal with the bleeding problem.

People have teeth bleeding and don't know why and they go to dentists to spend a lot of money for a simple problem that can be solved by switching to a non fluoride toothpaste to stop the constant bleeding.

The bleeding comes with inflamation and the latter can damage your gum if not treated immediately.

I am not a dentist, but if you feel that I have not answered your question in a proper way, google it or consult a dentist, but I am telling you those U.S. crook dentists and not all will never tell you the truth about your teeth.

They will tell you to stay away from that person who shares that info with you or kill that person too. This is a culture centered on individualism and you have to look out for yourself because no one will not be looking out for you. That's not our Haitian culture which is based on a collective strugle where we must help each other to better our lives.

Americans want us to become individualistic people and not social groups of people where we have to fight and compete against each other to survive.

That's not the selfish culture that Haitians want. We, Haitians don't see ourselves as groups of individuals but we see ourselves as collective groups of people which give priority to our family values and interests.

We must be inside a group to survive and our freedom fight is a collective struggle.

We are not psychologist brainwashers but we are sociologist people who believe in a good lifestyle for all. We inherit a socialistic culture which is a type of communal culture brought to Hispaniola by our ancestors and we must keep it if we want to survive.

Remember, all Toulimen knows, he knows nothing as a truth seeker but he wants to help others before he departs this earth.

When I know one can live free with no pain and when I know I can make one escape the cancer plan path of the evil white male scientists, I feel good and I can die in peace.


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Are you sure? proove it. Shalom :)


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