Stop talking nonsense. Martelly is a byproduct of the same...

Mauvaise Presage - April 27 2011, 2:12 AM

Stop talking nonsense.

Martelly is a byproduct of the same class of people that managed to drag the Haitians to the abyss of the abysses.

He is not an honest man as you imagine him to be in your undeveloped brain.

Il y aura des pleurs et des grincements de becs soon. You guys you never learn.

You go from a cascade ultra-euphoria to ultra-disappointment and deceptions.

Stop behaving like children and little retards.

Martelly will be subservient to his master Yankees.

He will sell Haiti to them if we fail to stop him on time. We should be very worry since we have a clique of crack heads and their in charge of the cash register.

Will you trust a crack head with your cash register?

The Americans put this man to destroy Haiti because they hate Haiti for abolish slavery and to restore the pride of black.

They are doing the same thing to Haiti like they are doing to Cuba and Libya.

Those people are the worst vicious evil known to mankind.

Martelly first agenda was not housing for the homeless or food or medical.

His first agenda is to rearmed Haiti to kill Haitian citizen for the Americans as Duvalier did.


Martelly Should Claim 25% From The Money Transactions' Profits Right Away!

Tax high all importations of foods and control the customs' activities through good governance to generate revenues as...

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