RE: Martelly first priority will be clean up the Lavalasse and...

Agent-x - May 9 2011, 5:16 PM

RE: Martelly first priority will be clean up the Lavalasse and the Inite camp
Jean Pierre Alexandre Says...

Dirty Cop, This Friday 05/13/11, Shalom Tabernacle of Glory will launch his missile into the air, the territory of Haiti, with powerful prayers on the behalf of the new Prez and Haiti."The powerful ammo is Jesus blood".Listen to me very clear, i repeat.

Sweet Jesus Blood, not babies blood like Aristide use to do.You and Aristide, Preval are far to understand that Haiti is in gears to change.

Assholes like you, Aristide, Preval cannot stop it.Beside, I have the bible in my left hand and the heavy metal is in my right hand, don't forget that.You mother fuckers ruins Haiti over and over for 2 decades and half. Sweet dreams assholes.

Agent-X Reply,
I heard that Brazil, Canada, France and the USA will send an amphibian expeditionary force of 1,500 life guards to escort Sweet Micky whenever he will have to go to the beaches because he and his entourage cannot swim for the reason that everybody are aware of so that is why you have a fixation with the word asshole that you keep mentioning in so many articles that you wrote in the past. You probably feel very uncomfortable to walk with this abyss due to your past activities in this life style.

That is why the other mental case is wearing pampers.

I am providing you and your macissi-network with the appropriate resources mentioned below.

BTW--If you think this "mentalus" or mental-loose is going to solve the Haitian problems, you are delusional.

The Cellular phone company that financed his campaign has plenty problem in Senegal for inappropriateness and fraud.

So, his first action will be to force the poor haitians to shell more money to reward that particular cell phone ganster.

What a racket.

Preval have done a lot of construction works in Haiti but he never talk about them. Now this "mentalus" will claim the credit for them.

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Dirty Cop,This Friday 05/13/11,Shalom Tabernacle of...


Martelly first priority will be clean up the Lavalasse and the Inite camp

Martelly first agenda will be to do a clean up in the lavalass camp and inite camp.

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