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Here are some more educated tidbits of knowledge for all of you imbecilic putzes out there who love to tell the world how dumb you really are! The sad part is, you don't even realize how utterly and insanely foolish and stupid you really are! If you did, you'd keep your mouth shut to save face from the inescapable case of the perpetual stupids you seem to be locked into. In the Americas, there are two large sections based on linguistics, save for Aboriginal languages still spoken.

These two large sections are Latin America (Aka. Latinic America, Italo America, Italic America); and Teuton America (Teutonic America).

Latin America is the largest section.

It is comprised of all the nations in which a Latin-based language is the dominant, official, spoken, and written language! These are the nations that were colonized by the Portuguese (Luso America), Spanish (Hispano America), and French (Franko America)! Teuton America is comprised of all the nations in which a Teuton-based language is the dominant, official, spoken, and written language! These are the nations that were colonized by the British (Britanno or Anglo America) and the Dutch (Dutch America)! Again, to all you morons, mental midgets, and common sense degenerates out there who don't know beans from butter, Latin America or Teuton America, neither have anything to do with race exclusively! Now, the original Teutons and Latins were and are White, but in the Americas, Black slaves from Western Africa were brought over to work! Then there was and is the Aboriginal population of peoples who are themselves an Ancient Black/White Mulatto! (Note: All people on Earth are either Black, White, or varying degrees of Mulatto! There is no race outside Black or White or a composite thereof.

There's Black, White, and composites of the two, but no one is outside these categories!) These peoples along with countless other immigrants to the Americas, have all either become or in the process of becoming Latinized or Teutonized depending on which section they move too! These Latin and Latinized Americans, Teuton and Teutonized Americans are all Latin Americans and Teuton Americans regardless of whether they are Black, White, or Mulatto or what nationality their ancestors originated from! Harrison Ford (White) and Samuel L. Jackson (Black) are both Teuton Americans.

Ricardo Montalban (White) and Roberto Clemente (Black) are both Latin Americans! Do those of you who are imbeciles comprehend this elementary concept or do you need a kindergarten-like schematic to help you out?! I'll take it a step further! If a Latin American family moves to Teuton America and sets up roots, and they have kids there, and they learn English or Dutch as a first language, their kids are not Latin Americans! This especially holds true down the line after a couple of generations! Likewise, if a Teuton American family moves to Latin America and they have kids there and their kids learn Portuguese, Spanish, or French, they are not Teuton Americans! Again, this is especially true several generations down the line! Here's a simple scenario.

The Portuguese, Spanish, French, British, and Dutch all traded in Black slaves from Western Africa! Blacks sold Blacks to Whites actually! Those slave ships, in turn, brought the Blacks to various ports to be auctioned off all over the Americas! Families were split up many times, never to see each other again! Some Blacks ended up in the USA, others Mexico, others Brazil, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Hispaniola (Dominican Rep., and Haiti), et. al. Now, if you're going to tell me, a rational thinking human being, that Blacks arriving in the Americas continued to be Black only in the nations where English, Dutch, and French were and are spoken, but ceased to be Black in the nations where Portuguese and especially Spanish were and are spoken, you are even more of a pea-brained pipsqueak than I imagined! Black slaves in English-speaking colonies took English sir names.

Black slaves in Spanish-speaking colonies took Spanish sir names.

Likewise, for the French, Portuguese, and Dutch Black slaves as well! It wouldn't surprise me one bit if there was quite a substantial amount of Blacks from all over Teuton and Latin America that are related, being split up from each other and sold to different nations in the Americas.

I bet there's Black Americans you and I've talked to that have Black relatives in Brazil, Cuba, DR, Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, etc., whom they don't even know exist due to several generations removal past! Please, don't spout off your ignorant, brainless rhetoric that is not only circular, but very narrow, limited, contradictory, and double-standardish! Not to mention, it makes you look like a total goober! It is also foolish to declare with total certainty and dogma that all Latinos have Black in their genetics.

A large portion does, true, but all of them?

Again, if a person is 1 percent Black in genetics and 99 percent White in genetics, it's obvious to anybody with half a brain which one trumps or drowns out the other.

Are their any Latin Americans that are 100 percent pure White in genetics all the way back to the Tower of Babel?

It's possible, but very doubtful! If any literally pure White Latin Americans do exist they are an extreme rarity! The same applies to Teuton Americans as well! However, for all practical purposes, having a smidgen of Black blood does not suffice for being Mulatto! If you look White or predominantly White, you're White; Black or predominantly Black, you're Black; all other inbetweens are obvious Mulattos! Here's an anecdote! I bought a white poodle that was born in Puerto Rico. He already had a name, Felipe Ramirez De Calderon.

I was walking him one day and some neighbors commented, "My my, what a precious, cute little white poodle!" I responded with, "I'm sorry ma'am, he's not white, he's Latino!" She looked at me with this flabbergasted expression, scratched her head, and then walked off in a dazed and confused manner! If you don't get this tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, then you really do need help! I hope you shmucks and losers on here broadcasting your ineptness at cohesive and educated debates to the world will learn something from the few blessed souls present and maybe shed your snake skin of stupidity once and for all!

Billy, May 11 2008, 9:55 PM

Topic: sir how is haiti a latin country

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Here are some more educated tidbits of knowledge for all of you imbecilic putzes out there who love to tell the world... read more >
Billy, 11-May-08 9:55 pm
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