Sir How Is Haiti A Latin Country

Luis Says...

Posted March 30 2008 at 1:06 AM

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Haitians Are Not Trying To Look Like Nobody. We Are Unique, 95% Of Us Are Black, Since Nobody Want To Be Black Nowadays, We Haitians Choose To Be Black And That's The End Of It. Nobody Likes Haitians Anyway, For More... Souf 03/31/2008
I'm Dominican Sister, You Mean..We Are A Proud Latino Country. Even I Know Latinos Are Mixed, But Who Isn't, I Mean Theres White Africans, Chinese Africans, Arab Africans And Last But Not Least African American Which... Dominicana 03/31/2008
So Hatians Are Latino Because They Speak Creolle ( Which Is Not Latin Language )..So All Haitians In Haiti Only Spoke Chinese Will That Make Then A Chinese People. Very Interesting. Haitian Dude 03/31/2008
My Dominican Brother, What Is Good About Being Latino? What If Haitians Say They're French? What Would You Say? Being French In America Is Being Superior According To The French Mentality. French People Think They... Souf 03/31/2008
I'm Dominican Born And Raise, Hell No, Haitian Are Not Latinos. Latino Hater Or Latino Wannabe. Peaceeeeeeeee Outtttttt!!!! Dominicana 03/31/2008
Hi, Well I'm Glad Your Willing To Give Your Opinon Freely And Debate Calmly, Some People Want To Shut Up Other People Opinions. I Mean Everyone Is Entitle To Their Point Of View. I Was Discussing With A Haitian That... Luis 03/31/2008
Linda, I'm Glad You Back, Please Tell Him That Haiti I Part Of Latin America He Does Not Seem To Get It. Soufnantiou 03/31/2008
Learning Hebrew Does Not Make You Jew. Don't Let The Cia Tell You Who You Are Bro, They Don't Like You Anyway, They Will Say Anything To Destroy You. Brazilans Are Latinos. No, They More Like Portguese Or South... Soufnantiou 03/31/2008
Hey Listen Bro, Your Language Determines What Cathegory You Belong To, It Has Nothing To Do With Mixture. Don't Let The Westerners Tell You Where You Belong To. OK Jut Like They Told You That Your Ancestors Sold You To... Soufnantiou 03/31/2008
You Made My Point. Thank You! How Ignorant People Can Be Let Me Guess Another Latino Wannabe Anywho Good Luck Luis 03/31/2008