Sir How Is Haiti A Latin Country

Luis Says...

Posted March 30 2008 at 1:06 AM

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Zac What A Great Uplifting Story! Zac Believe It Or Not I Somewhat Lived That Life Too. I Was Only 6 Years Old When My Father Died. My Mom Became Mentally Unstable 5, 6 Months Later. We Were Only Three Siblings And I... Tiba 08/19/2009
I Can Believe You Guys Are Back With This Subject. We've Discussed It Some Many Times Already. The Notebookblogz Haiti Team 08/19/2009
Linda I Read This Comment That You Posted The Other Day And I Wanted To Comment On It But After Working A 13 Hour Shift My Mind Was Running On Empty, Today Was No Different But Throughout The Day At Work This Matter... Zac 08/19/2009
Dear Lovely Sister, Let Me Tell You Franckly That I Truly Truly Understand And Appreciate Your Concern. Please Don`T Get Me Wrong Because Of What I Am About To Tell You And I Think You Should Take It As A Piece Of... Robert 08/18/2009
Dear Robert, You Are Right. I Have Been Rather Impatient Lately With The Bloggers. Because Of That I Tend To Stay Away From The Blog More And More These Days. I Cannot Stop Thinking Of The Starving Children, Of The... Linda 08/17/2009
Dear Lovely Sister, No One Said That Haiti`S Geographical Location Has Anything To Do With Its Current State Of Disgrace And Shame. I Have Absolutely No Recollections Of Anyone Making Such A Statement. It Is Obvious... Robert 08/16/2009
Dear Lovely Sister, If There Are More Than One Hundred Posts On The Topic That Automatically Tells Us That Many Of Us Express Interest In It. It Is True That Our Country Has Been And For The Longest Time Now Going... Robert Alexandre 08/16/2009
Dude Who The F U C K Care? Do You Think We Give A F U C K About Being Latinos. Only Rich Haitians On Here Who Are Living In Every Single Rich Countries On Earth Argue About This S H I T. We Have Too Much To Worry About... 08/15/2009
Robert, I Apologize If I Am Fed-Up With This Issue. But Did You Notice That There Are Over 100 Posts Just On This Topic; That Does Not Include The Many Other Times That This Subject Was Already Debated On This Blog... Linda 08/15/2009
It Would Be So Nice If People Would Live This Topic Alone And Move On To More Important Issues. Ho Does The Location Of Haiti On The Map Is Good For Haiti. I Remembered When Haiti Was In The European Continent, Nobody... Tiba 08/15/2009