Sir How Is Haiti A Latin Country

Luis Says...

Posted March 30 2008 at 1:06 AM

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After Reading What You Wrote To Me I've Realized That You Didn't Really Understand Me.What You Said To Me Is Just What I Have Said.Haiti Became A Latin Country For The Simple Reason That It Has Been Colonised By... Garry Dupre 08/23/2009
NO! No! Mr. Dupri. It Is Not Just Countries Which Were Colonised By Latin Countries That Are Now Considered Part Of Latin America; It Is All Countries Whose Language Have Latin At Their Roots, Hence, What We Usually... Linda 08/22/2009
Tous Les Pays Qui Ont été Colononisés Par Des Pays Latins Deviennent Automatiquement Des Pays Latins Aussi.C'est Dans Cet Optique Que Mr Will A Raison,Ceux Qui Refusent De L'admettre Font Tout Simplement Preuve De... Garry Dupre 08/22/2009
Listen \"Proud Dominican". I Only Wish I Could Convince You To Educate Yourself. Price Jean 08/21/2009
Being A Latin Country Does Not Have Anything To Do With Geographical Location. A Country Is Considered Latin If The Language Spoken By Its Inhabitants Derive From Latin. French Is Spoken In Haiti, And French Derives... Price Jean 08/21/2009
Hi Linda, Regarding My School Choices, As I Said I Have A Cousin Who Goes To Georgia Tech I Have Visited Him On Campus Twice. The School Is In Atlanta, The Last Time I Was There I Spoke To One Of The Admission... Zac 08/21/2009
Zac, I Think White Americans Like To Say That The Restavecs In Haiti Are Slaves For The Same Reason That They've Done Everything In The Past 200 Years: To Bring Haiti To Its Knee. They Want Haiti To Pay For Being The... Linda 08/20/2009
As You Know Linda I'm Currently Reading \"The Black Jacobins" The Book That You Suggested. In The Book James Graphically Details The Way Slaves Were Treated. The Restavec Situation Is Cruel But I Agree That It Doesn't... Zac 08/19/2009
Tiba I Read Your Story And I Relate To The Part Where You Said You Would Not Have Changed Any Of It For The World. I Was So Traumatized By These Experiences That For A Long Time I Suffered From Insomnia. Night After... Zac 08/19/2009
Zac, I Was Very Moved By Your Story. And Yes, You Are Right, Someone Like Yourself Would Never Amount To Much In Haiti; Even With Your Beautiful Intelligence And Wisdom, You Would Most Likely End Up Unemployed, Or... Linda 08/19/2009