HAITI: Is the Independent Sovereign Republic; thus a Country...

Wilgeens Rosenberg - March 31 2008, 5:13 PM

HAITI: Is the Independent Sovereign Republic; thus a Country.

HAITIANS: Is simply a direct indication of the People having being from that specific Sovereignty as to Specifically identify the people who are from there.

AFRO-LATINO: Is what Haitians are given that AFRO is to give significance of being African Decendents the predominent Ancestral Origin of 95% of Haitians.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_West_Ind... LATINO which is in part to the geographical region itself and the fact that the spoken language FRENCH which derives from Latin and the dialect CREOLE which is a considering artifically made-up language or composition which is still categorized in that Region as also being part of the so called Romance Languages since most of the Creole Languages are comprised or based mostly of the main language of the Colonial Occupiers.

LATIN-AMERICA/ CENTRAL AMERICA: The geographical region and area also knowns as the Caribbean or West Indies en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caribbean

(Forgige the figure of Speech and the Stereotypical generalization that exist in this analysis, however...) HAITIANS are so pridefully arrogant and illiterate that they will not even accept or give in to facts in any arguments.

They will not read, yet only want to give their own subjective opinions on matters they do not even take the time to research.

Their whole concepts in mind are often stubbornly and adamantly as well as largely based on theories they are not even prone or known to ever able to back up.

Rather, most Haitians are quick to feel insulted and get angry, aggitated before ever accept defeat or conceed to another much less to ever learn how to put their differences aside and come together to solve anything.

They will often fight among themselves usually from merely simple discussions or arguments and the would much rather result to resentment and denial before any possible accord; which explains the low stature level of their own Country's political, social and Economical status in the world as the most impoverish Country in the Western Hemisphere as to why they have not amounted to much pregressive success or prosperity.

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are you haitian, i think that might explain it all...


sir how is haiti a latin country

i mean puerto rico, cuba and dominican republic are not even in latin america. There in caribbeans, but are consider...

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Haitians currently use the ethnonym "Latin" rather...

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