Are you haitian, i think that might explain it all. The only...

American - March 31 2008, 2:33 PM

are you haitian, i think that might explain it all. The only country that probably though haiti as a latin country was united states and thats because they don't know any better.

Pre-latinos in the united states were called hispanics by united states goverment.

We did not like been named by a goverment, so we name our self, and the word latino was born. south america is interchangeable with south america.

To be a latino you have to be born from south america or central americal or had one parent who is, also cuba, domincan republic and puerto rico are three small island in the caribbean and not south america, but there latino because there mix with spaniard and mative, thats why they look most like south and central americans.

No latin country ever name haiti a latin country only united states thought that because they like to classified anyone as they wish. So you might want to change your history before you make bold statements.

one drop rule in united states makes anyone with black blood an african american.

also speaking a latin language does not make you latino.

Theres many latinos born to latino parents in united states who do not speak spanish only english, and english is not a romance language.

but i seen only people that want to push haitians as latino as haiti because they want to be part of the cool culture.

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sir how is haiti a latin country

i mean puerto rico, cuba and dominican republic are not even in latin america. There in caribbeans, but are consider...

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