Sir How Is Haiti A Latin Country

Luis Says...

i mean puerto rico, cuba and dominican republic are not even in latin america.

There in caribbeans, but are consider latinos for a few reason.

There mixed with native indians and spaniards, They speak spanish and they look like most people in south america.

I mean haiti doesn't resemble any of this.

Posted March 30 2008 at 1:06 AM

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Italian Also Is Latin Tigeorges 04/02/2010
First, You Have To Describe Or Define The Word "LATINO". Latino Was Not Considered A Region Or People In The Begining. It Was All People Who Came From Of The Language "LATIN" Such As: French, Spaniard, Spanish... Reginald Rene 03/23/2010
Ayiti Is Not A Latin Country! Creole Is In Parts Derived From Latin Languages A Mix Of French, Spanish, ( Carib/Indian) And Now From The Last 30 Years Of Ayitian Migration Abroad English Has Been A Strong Addition To... Maggy Gousse 03/10/2010
Any Country In This Continent Which Language Derives From "Latin Language" Is A Latin Country. I Hope You Understand That Once And For All. Duro 03/10/2010
Okay That Subject Is Just Wrong. Not Every Dominican Woman Is A Prostitute. I Hate It When People Think That Way. You Try To Seem All Smart On This Blog But Your Pretty Ignorant. Dominican Women Are Strong And... Johanna 01/27/2010
WHO CARES!!!!! Haiti Is A Latin Country Or Not, We Need To Figt Over What Is Matter!!! You Guys Need To Talk About What Is The Best Way To Take Haiti To The Next Level!!!!! We Need To Fight Over Waht Is The Best Way To... Dj Connection 09/02/2009
Haiti Is A Latin Country Because We Have Inherited A Latin Culture, But With A Different Language (French Is Latin Based Too). Even Though That Mexico, Central America And The Spanish Carribean Are Located In Different... Rodfel2001 09/02/2009
Robert; I Check The Site Periodically To See What Is Going On. However, I Don't Address Any Of The Issues Because I've Have Already Done So So Many Times That I Am Tired Of It. I Will Keep Checking In To See If... Linda 08/31/2009
Hey Lovely Sister I Would Love To Hear From You And It Does Not Have To Be The Same Topic. Peace And Love Ciao Bella Robert Alexandre 08/31/2009