Sir How Is Haiti A Latin Country

Luis Says...

Posted March 30 2008 at 1:06 AM

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Degree \"In" Harvard. What Kind Of Degree Is That. If You're Representing Harvard, I Will Strike Them Off The List Of Schools I'd Ever Want To Attend. B.e. 06/03/2009
Is That So. Haitians Are Mixed With Indian, Do Speak Spanish, And Have You Seen The Various Skin Tones In Haiti. GO READ A BOOK!!!! B.e. 06/03/2009
Before Haiti And Dominic Republic Were Split Into Two Different Countries, They Were One Country Known As The Island Of Hispaniola. Even Though The Americans Do Not Teach It To Be A Hispanic Country, Historically... B.e. 06/03/2009
Wait, Wait, Wait, Im Confused Who Said They Wanted To Be Latino Ok Im From The Island Of Turks & Caicos & Many Times Dominicans Will Come On Our Island Does That Make Them Now Turks Islanders Too? Im So Use To Seeing... Cachelie 05/11/2009
I Cannot Believe This Argument Is Still Going On. 1. Be Careful, There's Wikipedia Which Tends To Have More Valid Information And Than There's Wikianswers Which Tends To Be Full Of Junk. Information On Both Of These... Linda 04/26/2009
Omg You Are So Stupid, Latino Is Just A Term For Being Mixed, It's Being Mixed With Both White And Black And Other Nationalities. Dominican Republic And Haiti Use To Be One Island Meaning They Are The Same Whether They... Proud Mulatto 04/26/2009
When You Were Growing Up And Went To School, If You Have Gone To School That Is... Did You Read And Learn From The Books That Everyone Else Did? If So, You Too Have Already Been Educated By What You Refer To As "The... Wilgeens Rosenberg 04/03/2009
Afro, I Now Understand Why You Believe So Much On What The White Man Is Telling You. You Have Got To Be Kidding Me If You Believe "Wikipedia" Is A Reliable Source Of Information. It Is Not For No Reason Colleges And... Tiba 04/02/2009
Why Do You Want To Know? Jean-esdrace Germain Charles 04/02/2009
The Last Time If You Can Check Your History Or Went To School, You Would Know That Haiti Is Part Of The Latin-American Countries (Organization) Be It Being Central And South Americas To Include The Caribbean Which Is... Afrolatino 04/02/2009