Sir How Is Haiti A Latin Country

Luis Says...

Posted March 30 2008 at 1:06 AM

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There's Some Intelligent, Smart, Educated People In Here, But Unfortunately There's Also Some Really Stupid, Ignorant,Moronic, Contradictory, Imbeciles In Here As Well. The Latter Can't Seem To Discern The Elementary... Billy 05/09/2008
Just Like Any Other US American (Bill O'Reilly For Example). Always Have Criticisms But Never Volunteer To Create A Solution. I Don't Know Maybe Some Day That Will Change. I Really Feel That Society As A Whole Will... Steve 05/08/2008
Steevo, These Idiots Are The Typical "Idiots" Who Are Stuck In Their Ways Filled With Hatred And Racial Resentments And Pride They Will Not Allow To Unblock Them To Be Able To Progress In This Society, Because As Long... Hispanolanoyosoy 05/08/2008
I Am Glad Someone Actually Does Research. I Told Another Post That They Can Be Whatever They Choose But In The End We Will All Always Be American. To Me Latino Is A State Of Mind, A Way Of Life. I Would Never Consider... Steve 05/08/2008
You Can Whatever You Like. My Point Is We Are All American. If We All Continue The Path We Are On Then There Will Always Be A Division Among People. Seriously I Don't Know Why This Discussion Was Raised In The First... Steve 05/08/2008
THANK You For Having Clarified This For These Imbecile Racist Idiots, Bill. I Have Given Them Resources And Tools Which I Am Sure They Will Say Do Not Suffice. Haitians Believe If One Has Come To Accept That They Are... Hispanolanoyosoy 05/08/2008
Poor You Who Wants To Claim Supremacy Into Being "LATINO" Yet Blinded By Supremacist Trujilloism And Anti-Haitiasmo Many Decades Ago, There Was Not A "Stand Alone" Independent Dominican Republic, There Was Only Saint... Hispanolanoyosoy 05/08/2008
FOR YOU TO COMPREHEND: Or If Reading Is Not Your Thing Let Us Try Visual World Fact Book Records On Ethnic/Race Categories: Data Are Presented In Grouped Form As Follow Hispanolanoyosoy 05/08/2008
So The French Coin Latin America..Your An Idiotic..You Even Know When Latin America Was Even Given To People Of South, Central And Three Caribbean Island (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico)..It Was Lil Longer Then... Latino 05/08/2008
Your So Off Your Theoly..Language Does Not Make You A Latino..If The World Only Spoke Chinese..Would That Makes Us Chinese..Hell No..But Why Argue With You Every Premise You Make Is Way Off Andwhen You Are Proven Wrong... Hatianpride 05/08/2008