Steevo, These idiots are the typical "Idiots" who are stuck in...

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These idiots are the typical "Idiots" who are stuck in their ways filled with hatred and racial resentments and pride they will not allow to unblock them to be able to progress in this Society, because as long as they have this excuse to make themselves believe into the norms of either inferiority or superiority.

As you said and are right about One can chose to consider him or herself latino if he or hse wants to relate to the lifestyle or wish to adopt it. Anyone can be whatever the (You know what) they want to be, but facts will stay facts unless those "Idiots" have done research and make what I call their own scientific study and breakthrough to come up with other facts to dispute those already known knowledge and claims.

It is nothing wrong if as Haitian one choses to call themselves African since indeed down the line most of us around the World are Africans.

Or if one from that region choses to call or consider themselves latino which is also fine. But you have those who tend to feel and believe if one does chose to consider him or herself latino that somehow it is because they are not proud to be part African or that they are flattering or entertain the idea of wanting to be something else they are not.

Both Haitians and other Latinos have the very same complex problems which in returns is contradicting or compelling enough to say Ironically they all shred the same hatred and ignorance in common yet that keeps them divided as human beings.

Later bro.

Will Rosenberg

PS: Hey Steeve, perhaps you can check my blog webpage by clicking on my name and all. I donot mind hearing your comments on my posts positive or negative.

Most Haitians always come on here and they have more suggestion, recommendations, ideas, views and opinions as well as mostly all criticism on how they want Haiti to be, could be or should be thus would be; but how many of them actually are part of something that is physically contributing to the struggles of Haiti...

My point exactly, hardly any, but they all sure as well can talk and write nonsense and come on here making all kinds of grammatical errors in both French and (Creole) Kreyol, all of a sudden they think they are all writers and savvy politicians.

All of them want to be right so that they can bask in knowing they were right.

There used to be a time people used to be part of actual causes early in life from 18 and up, they used to devote themselves to well known causes; but nowadays society have cerated more cowards and lazy bastards faster and more of them than it creates good productive strong men and women to stand up for for something.

All those Haitians on here have not made sacrifices to want to go back to Haiti and help out, They do not care but always tend to find excuses why they can not go back to invest in many domains in Haiti which do not have to be Governmental.

Since they are all experts and Analysts and know so much why have they not gone to teach kids in Haiti.

I am sure many of those Haitians may hold degrees or a certificate of some kind. I am going back, I have been back to many parts of Haiti and helped out from humanitarian aide functions to building and teaching kids and provide them with school materials.

My intentions has always been to go back and I will. How many Haitians on here have even entertain the idea of going back. You see, that is the thing, since the very first day most of those Haitians get to the US or other parts in the World they get complacent and as long as they know where their next piece of bread and chicken is coming from they could not give a flying bird about Haiti; but they sure have a lot to say and criticism Governments.

Steeve here is my question to them:

What good is your criticism if you yourself as a Haitian do not have a plan, courage and intentions better than that of those already corrupted politicians present now?

Hispanolanoyosoy, May 8 2008, 9:23 AM

Topic: sir how is haiti a latin country

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Steevo, These idiots are the typical "Idiots" who are stuck in their ways filled with hatred and racial resentments... read more >
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