THANK you for having clarified this for these imbecile racist...

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THANK you for having clarified this for these imbecile racist idiots, Bill. I have given them resources and tools which I am sure they will say do not suffice.

Haitians believe if one has come to accept that they are latino that it means we are flattering Hispanoic or Spanish speaking European Descents.

No and Most other Latinos think that when an Haitian says he or sheis Afro-latinos that it means we are ashamed or afraid to say that we are just black.

Not even.

It is something that both Haitians and those around the Latin-American Countries are yet to come to term with. Now if somebody wants to claim being anything that they wish, that is entirely up to them given to whom or what they want to feel related to or want to identify with more.

However accept and believe them or not, the facts are the facts regardless if they were knowledge being educated and passed down to the world populace by White Europeans but already most scholars all over the world have accepted those as facts already and those very same people who want to claim and disclaim others they too have already accepted that education as being banal common knowledge, yet they are so focus on classicism and discriminatory hatred notions and beliefs that they are still infuriate the world with their made up differences and division or maybe they actually do not really know or educated at all. Thus pitifully forgive them.

Hispanolanoyosoy, May 8 2008, 3:30 AM

Topic: sir how is haiti a latin country

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Poor you who wants to claim supremacy into being "LATINO" yet blinded by supremacist Trujilloism and Anti-Haitiasmo... read more >
Hispanolanoyosoy, 8-May-08 2:58 am
THANK you for having clarified this for these imbecile racist idiots, Bill. I have given them resources and tools... read more >
Hispanolanoyosoy, 8-May-08 3:30 am
You can whatever you like. My point is we are all American. If we all continue the path we are on then there will... read more >
Steve, 8-May-08 8:14 am
I am glad someone actually does research. I told another post that they can be whatever they choose but in the end we... read more >
Steve, 8-May-08 8:21 am
Steevo, These idiots are the typical "Idiots" who are stuck in their ways filled with hatred and racial resentments... read more >
Hispanolanoyosoy, 8-May-08 9:23 am
Just like any other US American (Bill O'Reilly for example). Always have criticisms but never volunteer to create a... read more >
Steve, 8-May-08 9:45 am
There's some intelligent, smart, educated people in here, but unfortunately there's also some really stupid... read more >
Billy, 9-May-08 11:08 pm
THANK YOU MY FRIEND. Say no more. I tried to explain that to these buffoons but they are adamant at being stuck on... read more >
Will Rosenberg, 10-May-08 1:01 am
Man, that was a good argument. There is a bunch of idiots, and racists on this blog. They are deprived of common... read more >
Zandolit, 10-May-08 11:50 pm
Here are some more educated tidbits of knowledge for all of you imbecilic putzes out there who love to tell the world... read more >
Billy, 11-May-08 9:55 pm
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