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There's some intelligent, smart, educated people in here, but unfortunately there's also some really stupid, ignorant, moronic, contradictory, imbeciles in here as well. The latter can't seem to discern the elementary differences between race, continentality, nationality, ethnicity, and language.

No wonder the world is in the shape it's in these troublesome days! "Latino" is a word derived from "Latin." The Latins were an ancient tribe of people that came to power and consolidated Italy and then beyond into the powerful Roman Empire.

The Latins were a White people.

They were predominantly Nordic White (Japhetic = Indo-European) originally, but due to their location, they mixed with Mediterranean Whites (Semites) - thus still a White people.

The Roman Empire was two-thirds in Eurasia and one-third in Africa.

The only nations that exist today that officially have established, spoken languages derived from the Old Latin are Italy, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, France, and Romania! All these 6 nations are composed of a White majority - some 99.99 percent of each are White! The 5 Eurasian nations that colonized the Americas in the 15th centuries forward were Portugal, Spain, France, Britain, and the Netherlands.

Only the Netherlands and Britain were Non-Latino (Latinic = Italic) in language.

The other two are Teutonic = Germanic.

The French under Napoleon III (I think it was), coined the term Latin America to distinguish the French possessions from other nations! "Latin Americans" refers to people from those nations that speak a Latin-based language.

This does not conflict with race you idiots! Being Latin American does not in any way shape or form collide with or conflict with whether or not you're Black, White, or Mulatto! I was called an idiot earlier and for what?

Being objective and common sensical! I myself am of Spanish and French ancestry.

Guess what y'all?

I'm a downhome, Southern White man from Florida - Yeehawww! I am a proud White man! Does my Spanish or French blood heritage cease to make me a White man?

Of course not! Latin Americans, those who speak dialects of Spanish, Portuguese, or French can be White, Black, or Mulatto, just as we Britanno Americans can be! I understand that a large percentage of Latin Americans are Mixed (Mulatto), to a greater degree than Britanno Americans, but that does not negate the fact that there's millions of Latin Americans who are White, and millions of Latin Americans who are Black! This goober-head who states that Haitians are Black and Dominicans are not is an idiot par excellance! More Haitians are more pure Black in genetics than Dominicans, but there's Dominicans that are equally as Black as the darkest Haitians! The DR has a large Black population! Dominicans have a higher degree of Black/White admixture than do Haitians.

But both have Mulattos and Whites as well! You dopes you! The French and the Spanish belong to the same freakin race! They're both White peoples you insane putz! Oh, and since you, Spanish-speaker self, want to hoard the Latino patronymic for yourself, it might be noted for the record, that if anybody should hold a majority claim to the term "Latino" it should be the Italians first! Italy is where they came to power.

"Italy" (Italia) came from them! So if anybody's a Latino, it's an Italian! But you, you ignorant shmuck! I doubt you'd even comprehend such historical facts! Of course you wouldn't! Only a total nincompoop could possibly take 2 Black people - one with a Spanish name the other a French name, and declare the one with a Spanish name to be a Latino and the French name, Black! When both are equally Black and equally Latino simultaneously! "White Africans will never be considered African." Black Europeans will never be considered European." Again, only from the minds diseased by mental illness would conceive of such ridiculousness! It matters not what others perceive you! It matters not what you personally feel either! It matters not what one nation tells you you are vs. another nation! It all boils down to what you are, period! Black Dominicans and Black Haitians probably have shared family trees that's been lost to time! How do you know that there aren't Blacks in Haiti and the DR that are not related from the slave days when many times families were split up?

The fact is, you don't know! And no, I never said all Dominicans or Haitians were Black! Another thing for this fool who thinks himself wise! No Mr. Bumbling Baffoon! There is no one particular look that a majority of Latin Americans possess! They are as diverse as Britanno Americans! There's millions of them that are White! There's millions that are Black! There's millions that are varying degrees of Mulatto! And not one pervading thread of physical similarity runs through all of them! You're a total absurdity to the human race if you even think otherwise! You can't even spell half the time you bonehead! I present clear-cut facts and evidence that corroborates each other! You present nothing except for contradictions and double standards! Another thing! I never said there's a pure race! Of course not! Mixing has been universal! However, there's populations much less mixed than others.

If I take one drop of black paint and mix it into a can of white paint, the paint is still white! Apply this vice versa! If I take 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, or 3/4 black paint and mix it with white paint.

It's obviously neither anymore! Apply this vice versa! My point is, you can be mixed to such slight degrees that it's not noticeable either for Whites or Blacks! However, once it becomes enough to obviously tell you are a Mulatto person then you are Mulatto! I have a smidgen of Black in me but it does not show up at all. I am White in appearance all the way around! Not that I look down upon the Black, but for all practical purposes, it's nonexistent! It's what you look like in a line-up! So, again, for all you dummies out there who got your education from a cracker jack box, being Black, White, or Mixed has nothing to do with being a Latin American! So, from all the available facts, Haitians are as Latin American as Dominicans! They both speak Latin-based dialects of French and Spanish! Going by your twisted, one-sided, degenerate philosophy, if Black Haitians are not Latinos because they are Black, then Dominicans that happen to be Black are not Latinos either because they are likewise Black! How stupid! I challenge you to present cold, hard facts to prove me wrong! I guarantee you you won't be able to! I know I am right beyond any shadow of a doubt! Go and nurse your wounds! I smite thee with my intelligence! I squash thee under the wing of my common sense! I chase thee away with knowledge that abounds and drowns out your petty inactive brain cells! I challenge you! Prove me wrong with some facts, not opinions!

Billy, May 9 2008, 11:08 PM

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There's some intelligent, smart, educated people in here, but unfortunately there's also some really stupid... read more >
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