Well thats not true that your latino because you speak latin...

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well thats not true that your latino because you speak latin language.

spaniards are not latinos, there european.

Spain is in europe.

Portuguese are not latinos, there european.

Portugal is in europe.

language has nothing to do with it. Brazilians speak portuguese yet there latinos because there in continent latin america, hence the word continent there in regardless of there language.

i'm not hating on haitians, my good friend is haitian, but the truth there not latino.

if latin america were to vote on haiti to be a latin country, they wouldnt pass, you must understand amybody can learn spanish, french, italian and portuguese that doesnt make you latino.

all south american countries and three island in the caribbean cuba, puerto rico and dominican republic share this they have native tribes still on their lands, they diverse in native mix with spaniards, they speak spanish, same music, same television, almost same culture and history.

haiti does not resemble this things.

is not just a latin language factor, if a asian man in china learn latin will that make him latino.

just cause haiti is next to dominican republic does not make them latino, just like united states and canada are next to mexico and there not latin countries.

Luis, March 31 2008, 12:48 AM

Topic: sir how is haiti a latin country

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Wilgeens Rosenberg, 30-Mar-08 4:08 pm
you can't go by why wikipedia says. anyone can edit that site and at times is not very accurate. all my haitians... read more >
Luis, 30-Mar-08 7:02 pm
south america countries: * Argentina * Bolivia * Brazil * Chile * Colombia * Ecuador * French Guiana * Guyana ... read more >
Luis, 30-Mar-08 7:23 pm
Haiti is part of the latin countries because we speak a the romance language which derives from "Latin". This got... read more >
Soufnantiou, 30-Mar-08 10:27 pm
well thats not true that your latino because you speak latin language. spaniards are not latinos, there european... read more >
Luis, 31-Mar-08 12:48 am
haitian are just haitian not african...thank you why we never respect our arrawaks or tainos heritage there's plenty... read more >
Map Gadeyo, 31-Mar-08 3:01 am
i never said hispaniola...all i said was hatians are not latinos. dominicans are latinos. your country is haiti, your... read more >
Luis, 31-Mar-08 3:16 am
Dear individual; I gave you the wiki site because it was convenient and in this case accurate. There are various books... read more >
Linda, 31-Mar-08 10:15 am
Follow up from previous text I posted: As you seem sorely disturbed that Haitians are classified in the same group as... read more >
Linda, 31-Mar-08 10:36 am
You never left in fact you just changed names.I see you are posting under Linda again. Trying to keep in touch with... read more >
Iwillcurseyouout, 31-Mar-08 12:07 pm
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