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Bondye ap pran note

I heard from radio metropole that many judges are on strike because Mario Andresol of PNH accused them of corruption... more »

it's not the solution

I understand your point of view and your concerns. Nevertheless I don't think anyone or a state has the right to take... more »

The death penalty is not the solution

I support life in prison for kidnappers and murderers. However i strongly oppose the death penalty. It makes no sense... more »

reestablishing the army is not the solution

If Prime minister Alexis really wants to solve the insecurity issue, he should stop negotiating with the criminals... more »

there needs to be some changes

You know sometimes i wish that i didn't care about Haiti and its People after all I haven't lived there for 12 now... more »

nage pou'w soti

Ever since Preval made the comment "nage pou'w soti" during his first term as president. I concluded that he was... more »

down with this negotiation tactics

It is very irritating to hear you say that we should negotiate with these criminals. These criminals have no sense of... more »

Mr. Knew what he was getting himself into

Robert Magic I read your statement and it's very interesting. I'm sure there are arm groups in Haiti doing their best... more »

fok preval pran yon decision

Mwen li message ou wa, mwen dako le ou di Preval pa ka fait anyen san nou tout pa ede li. Men pou etat sitution... more »

go easy on him

I never really supported Preval, I had hoped someone else would have won the election. I think we need to give Mr... more »

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