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Point well taken

Mr. Selondieu I must apologize to you. Some of my past comments were purely aimed at provoking you. It was not the... more »

a good leader to some

I agree with you my friend the subject of Aristide is too controversial,it's in the past we should leave it there. I... more »

answer the simple question

Is this the best you can do? Really challenging my capacity to understand english. Well, you'll have to do a lot... more »

To be or not to be

What's the matter Mr. Jolibois? It seems you're having trouble enforcing an illusion. Stop begging us for validation... more »

believe what you want!!!!!!!!!!

There are those that believe Saddam Hussein was a great leader. To this day you will find people that admired and... more »

caution do not post personal information here

People stop posting personal information on the site. It is not Preval's personal web page, he may not even know that... more »

Aristide un leader sadique

Comme je disais la majorité d'anciens présidents et de premiers ministres n'a jamais fait beaucoup pour... more »

a sadistic leader is more like it

I rarely waste my time arguing with those who sees Aristide as a messianic leader. For most of them logic,common... more »

il est vraiment un leader historique

Il est vraiment un leader historique. Puisque l'histoire ne distingue pas entre le bon et particulièrement le... more »

It's not his official site

My friend let me save you the trouble. This site is not Preval's official web site, and i don't think he has one... more »

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