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We have a democracy not an autocracy

And we wonder why elected leaders do the things they do in Haiti. It's because we expect them to be autocratic leaders... more »

We should investigate before calling for dismissal

You submit a formidable argument and I do agree with to some level. In any cases police brutality is unacceptable. But... more »

the question is where do we start

We can all agree that the government cannot do it alone, almost everything is broken in Haiti. Help is available... more »

every haitian should have access education

I understand your concerns. It's true Haiti is no safe country. And my comment is not aimed at students such as... more »

we need better schools in haiti

Selondieu I'm not oppose to students studying abroad. Like i've said previously, in most cases it provides a great... more »

About students studying abroad

Studying abroad is a great thing. After High school in the US I wanted to study abroad I got accepted to the... more »

Une Bourse D'etudes

There's a lot of students who receives scholarships from the Haitian government to go study abroad in countries like... more »

we all need to read this `how dare they``

Why are they always in opposition to any government that favours taxes? Francois this is not the first time I have... more »

it's not always wise to grab the bull by its horn

Mon ami je suis d'accord avec vous sur l'approche qu'Haïti est un pays libre et indépendant. Mais cette... more »

why are we buying trash?

Francois I was hoping you could clarify something for me. A while back you mentioned that Haiti buys trash from the... more »

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