reestablishing the army is not the solution

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If Prime minister Alexis really wants to solve the insecurity issue, he should stop negotiating with the criminals.

Because it doesn't work, he's basically rewarding them for the crimes they commit.

They'll just keep on doing it; moreover other criminals will join in to get their own rewards.

I said the army is not the solution because the responsibilities of an army is to defend a country from foreign enemies.The security of a population is the responsibility of the police.

The number police in Haiti is not enough and not well equipped.

One example New York City with a population similar to Haiti, 8 million people, has a police force of more 30,000 officers.

In Haiti it's under 5,000.
1. The government needs to increase the the number of police officers to at least 4 times its current size and Provide them with the necessary equipments to get the job done, and pay them accordingly on a regular basis.

2. The government needs to create a special unit force with a training that is far superior than the police force.

Sort of like a SWAT TEAM. Their assignment should be cracking down gang related violence, and kidnapping.

It should be under 5,000

3. They need detectives working undercorver, to infiltrate the gangs or groups committing these crimes.

The special units force and the detectives should be working together.

Finally, instead of rewarding the criminals Mr. Alexis could create social programs to prevent young people from joining gangs.

Mark, December 15 2006, 3:43 PM

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