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a response to your comment

I agree with some of the things you said, though i would like to point out that the legislative body is not at all... more »

to robert p toussaint

Again,Je ne vous parlais pas, j'ai répondu à Robert Magic. De toute façon Je ne comprends pas comment... more »

you don't need to be so condescending.

So you've been around since 1957, Yet you haven't learned to respect other people's opinions. It would appear that... more »

change is a certainty in life

Our beloved Haiti is poor economically but she's not sterile. Fertility is one of her rich attributes. If any one of... more »

You have a right to express your views

My brother there's a lot of people on this site who will attack you without provocation simply because you're... more »

ok i agree with you

That's funny, Selondieu and I got into a heated argument a while back over Aristide. He never changed my views about... more »

a state within a state

I don't think not having an airport or seaport in different areas of the country is why Haiti is underdeveloped. But I... more »

They may not be effective but we need them

I think everything is not all that peachy in Haiti; unity has never been one of our virtue. Haitians are capable of... more »

MUNISTAH the necessary evil

MUNISTAH is a necessary evil. Most of the soldiers are from poor countries where everything isn't all that good. Now... more »

Casimir st fleur

At first I thought you and everybody else were overreacting for supporting the dismissal of the officers. But, now i... more »

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