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wisdom dictate preparation before the storm

I thought i had read every illogical and ridiculous comments until yours. In politics officials who want to be elected... more »

What do you propose

Your comments are the most unintelligent, irritable and non-constructive ones posted. You question everybody's... more »

that's a great point to bring up

Toussaint I agree with you completely on the matter. Back in 2003 before i became a US citizen I went to consulate in... more »

we must not neglect other important issues

As usual Mr. Trebu, your comment is constructive and very diagnostic. And Nate is right in stressing the significance... more »

These people don't know how to run a country

I'm a realistic person. I knew from the start that whoever got elected president wasn't going to be able solve Haiti's... more »


New kid on the block this is the question you should be asking yourself: Why is there so much trash in the streets of... more »

C'est un pas en arrière

Quand j'ai lu votre premier commentaire j'ai pensé qu'une partie de votre remarque était intéressante... more »

Une excellente remarque

Mon frère vous avez fait une excellente remarque. J'avais dit la même chose. Il semble que nos chefs... more »

World of problems part II

As I've said before, as the President of Haiti one would never call Preval a world leader yet he faces a world of... more »

A world of problems

Two centuries ago our ancestors devastated the French army one the mightiest defense forces in the world at the time... more »

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