This is what happened when black get money in their pockets...

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This is what happened when black get money in their pockets.

They waste it.
1-They buy expensive clothes & shoes
2-They buy expensive jewelries, gold,diamond
3-They buy expensive houses
4-They buy expensive furnitures
6-They no longer eat mais moulin ou pitimi ak zaboca.

They go to expensive rstaurants like au crock fin.
5-They look for mistresses mostly second hands or N hands mulatresses like bernadette avec minuscule b. The desperadoes just stop a taxi and go to the nearest cafee with a bag of money and beg a Dominican bouzin to marry him right away. I am talking only about the Dominican women that lives in Haitian Cafees.

Most Dominican women are faithful to their husband.

Trust me.
6-They buy Mercedes Benz and other expensive cars.
7-They spend the money in Barbamcourt and expensive alcohol and drugs.

Consequence.Before they know it, the money is gone, evaporated,amen.They second hand or 10,000 hands mulatresses disappeared conveniently on them.
This is the patters from the less educated to the highly educated of most Haitians: Paul Eugene Magloire[raped Dadaglanis], Lukner Cambrone, Jean Claude Duvalier and his friends all have done the same thing: Take money in the Haitian cookie jar and spend it for their personal pleasure.

This is my point: Haitian cannot manage money too well. This is why Clinton is going to entrust the money with people who have good track records with money.

So he knows the money will be in good hands and those people will be accountable for every penny spent.

Entrusting the money with typical Haitian will leads to a litany of investigations until the next two century.

Prevenir vaut mier que mouri red, if you know what I meant.

I hope Clinton will keep Preval for the next 30 years.

We will outshine all the countries in the Caribbean.

Do not reply to this blog because it is a definite assessment of a well known situation in Haiti.

This is a plain true.

Linglinsou, March 20 2010, 7:22 PM

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This is what happened when black get money in their pockets. They waste it. 1-They buy expensive clothes & shoes... read more >
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