This is Haitian politic as usual. In absence of good logical...

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This is Haitian politic as usual.

In absence of good logical and progressive arguments to truly push Haiti forward.

Some of you guys would rather keep repeating the same crap over endlessly..., the same old arguments.

Most likely you will repeat the very same bad behavior...Nothing changes and nothing will change.

The very few who could help in doing something for Haiti, would rather keep pushing the very same people because it is easier and surer than to try something or some idea TRULY NEW. It is too much work. In all frankness, I do hope you take your machetes and roam the streets.

Some good people may die but also a lot of bad ones will fall. hmmmm, not a bad idea at all..

in favor of "social Darwinism" IN fact you keep repeating the same chewed over and football the same principles because you have not learned anything else. You probably can't learn new ideas...

People like you are the reasons that I have NEVER dated Haitians.

There are undoubtedly good Haitians but because of people like you, I will never meet them. Although, A Haitian-American citizen, I am comfortable where ever I go around the world.

I do not need to cling to my birth ethnicity.

Are you kidding me?

A Haitian mistress?

Those men do not have enough character let along money for me to waste my time with them. You, see, to keep my company, one must be able to talk intelligently and act worldly.

Money DOES NOT make me. I MAKE money -- that is if you can comprehend it-- Who am I kidding?

A country where raping young girls is NOT AN ISSUE.

Why would I think you could understand most women do make money by punching the clock - not by amusing idiots on their back. you do not sound any different than that racist "Lacey Walters", In fact you put her to shame.You are probably just a religious fanatic just as well. You put women in the same category as good food, good wine, luxury cars - Just things to make you FEEL good - Its all tactile -- No true thinking involve!!! It is ALL about you, The last time I have read about people like you was in the early middle ages. (centuries ago).

Haiti is in the situation that it is now, PRECISELY because of simpletons like you.
Next time a foreigner negatively pointed finger at you. let me not see you roar with your fake indignity.

Because when it comes to mulattoes, your so-called brothers, you mercilessly crucified them. Let the world show YOU the SAME mercy...

You may not know this, It was the mulattoes who have started the Haitian Revolutionary War along with Toussaint Louverture, you know, The Independence War That you like so much to remind the world about.

Do not bother answer this blog as I have no more time to waste with you

Bernadete S., March 20 2010, 10:35 PM

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This is Haitian politic as usual. In absence of good logical and progressive arguments to truly push Haiti forward... read more >
Bernadete S., 20-Mar-10 10:35 pm
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Linglinsou, 21-Mar-10 1:28 am
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Bernadete S., 21-Mar-10 4:06 pm
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Pimanbouk, 21-Mar-10 8:02 pm
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Bernadete S., 22-Mar-10 11:59 am
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