Preval DIED Today

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If preval would have died or be assassinated that would have been the best news ever, that would have given Haitian a chance to build a government of consensus, Preval the last Dumb President, worst he's too inept and stupid to realize the Haitians people do not need him help resigned imbecile take the pulse.

There is a revolt boiling down soon, petit sousou gran pie will be shipped back to africa since you will fail, give Haiti a chance for once do the right thing after 20 years your time is up Monkey.

Death to Preval, que Viva Haiti, Vive Haiti, Death to Preval

Antonioj, March 20 2010, 7:57 PM

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Preval a vie pou tout temps vive preval. read more >
Antonio Superieur, 20-Mar-10 8:21 pm


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