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Last reply -- for curiosity sake -- What meeting was that and for what occasion!! Now, I know you are CRAZY, I was not even in the States last year. I know that I can't be in two continents at the same time.
Why are those empty threats?

You never mentioned once what this person DO to you to create so much rage. Like I said before, your description of me is inaccurate.But I does not matter when someone is shooting crap on both sides of his mouth.

You do not know me, you know nothing about my life, you are just fishing for info. According to you all mulattoes are trash anyway!!! All females are not to be trusted.

Like I told you before, I do not go out with Haitian men under no circumstances.

This is my private life and my personal preference.

Do you think that you can find something else to do with your time?

It looks like you have a lot of time in your hands.

Become a watchdog between Preval and the International Community.

Preval already sent them a Plan for recovery budgeting to U.N. - meeting is on 31st of this month.

That is what you should be focusing on. I may not like a lot of Haitians BUT I like HAITI.

Let me take a chance here:
Your typical Mulatto prototype is way out:
In reality most Mulattoes are:
Middle Class - They are not rich (Since Papa Doc stole their inheritance)
A lot of them are professionals
progress oriented
keen sense of social justice or injustice (I wonder why?)
They are visionaries
They don't keep petty grudges of 200 years ago.
Classic female mulattoes are very selective in mate picking...

In real life, mulattoes watch carefully where their bloodline is going...

I suggest that you read more about Haiti, class and color
You may not be so clueless
Unlike you, I do not need to ''move-up''
I already have a class that I belong to
I do not need to look further
My family was mulattoes even before 1804...

Your barely literate insults -- I suggest that you keep them for yourself or unless you truly want to piss me off - Then since you attack me personally, overtly in public -- I may just decide to take you to court -- Have your money ready, because you may just need a lawyer.

This a damn shame that I am wasting my time answering a shit bag like you on a blog that was meant for politics.

After this, you will not hear from me but you may hear from my lawyer if you continue this charade.

You can use the Library, a friend's PC, Cyber cafe - I can and will find you.
Good by and have a nice life - Go feed your loas and your ancestral gods.They are probably calling for you right now. LAST WARNING: Leave me alone.

- Get it. Nobody supports hate crimes!!!

Bernadete S., March 21 2010, 4:06 PM

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Last reply -- for curiosity sake -- What meeting was that and for what occasion!! Now, I know you are CRAZY, I was not... read more >
Bernadete S., 21-Mar-10 4:06 pm
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Bernadete S., 22-Mar-10 11:59 am
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