Bill Clinton and Haiti's Syrian/Lebanon Elites

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Well, when it is time to negotiate economic projects of our local elites'colony, Bill turns to Mews (Mirtzer), Brandt and Madsen, Accra and Ben Biggio.

Our puppet president got consulted separately to sign whatever shit those stupid discuss together.

Only a revolution could liberate Haiti from internal and external colonization.

We are cursed by Whites and our local elites as welll and Haiti will always remain a man-made disater country.

Our local dirty elites are ennemies of progress and civilization; therefore, Haitians would never enjoy human rights and dignity.

If we let them decide our destiny that way we will continue to be unproductive people and we will be left to die...The Racist Social Darwinism program will prevail...We must think about our machetes this time for real...

Calypso, February 11 2010, 5:21 PM

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Calypso, calm down brother, you said "We must think about our machetes this time for real... " (lol) brother let me... read more >
Zac, 11-Feb-10 5:43 pm
You are one ungraceful son of a gun. Mr. Clinton don't have to do sh...t for Haiti. We Haitian should thanking God... read more >
Peinder Luctamar, 11-Feb-10 11:30 pm
Peinder Luctamar, You said "Me Peinder Luctamar i live in NY, on the behalf of every Haitian." Well, Mr. Peinder... read more >
Tiba, 12-Feb-10 7:56 am
Ladies & Gentleman lets keep this Blog civil they might be children reading this. Although they curse as well but, we... read more >
Joe, 12-Feb-10 8:17 am
For 206 years, it's been a constant struggle for Haitians and we must not ignore that fact. The only Haitians that are... read more >
Nadege, 12-Feb-10 10:38 am
Nadege, I appreciate your input, but the foul language distracts me from focusing on your argument. Replacing the foul... read more >
Linda, 12-Feb-10 11:55 am
Bonjou Nadege, let me tell you something sister, I consider myself an American and a Haitian. From my American point... read more >
Zac, 12-Feb-10 2:40 pm
Zac "I saw Preval weeping today and for the first time I felt for the man. I hope he does what is best for the country... read more >
Tiba, 12-Feb-10 3:17 pm
You are an amazing blogger and you made me laugh while reading your posting, but you know it is sad to have a drunkard... read more >
Mathieu Derisse, 12-Feb-10 7:31 pm
Nadege, I wish I had been able to read the rest of your post, but I stopped reading once I encountered your "f" word... read more >
Linda, 13-Feb-10 11:06 am
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