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Well yeah but no cause we're not ready

In a civilized society where the majority of the population knows better, it would be a very good thing for the... more »

Forget about the army thing

You wrote a beautiful peace marketing the re.... whatever of the army. The army, let me remind you, has done nothing... more »

More reasons 4 supporting PRP

I support PRP (President Rene Preval) Because he's the choice of the Haitian people through a fairly well organized... more »

I am not part of this gvt. I just blog

Man! I am a man who loves his country. I am no closer to this government than you are. I am just hoping things could... more »

Let's be real

Reforming the military? - I am not really sure what a military force can do for Haiti. Are we going to war against the... more »


M'poko pedi lespwa. San jou pase tanko van le ou lon sitiyasyon ke misye ranmase sou do-l la. Se pa ti deblozay, ti... more »

I love Haiti and its people

Hey hey hey I love Haiti and its people. I love Haiti and its people. I can't wait to go there and help. But I am... more »

Let focus on Haiti please

I am not going through that GWB thing. You know well that democracy is compromised even here because of 911, and even... more »

Democracy is not demagogy

Have you ever been in a situation when you say:"It cannot be worse than that"?. Yes, I forgot to take my medicine; but... more »


I do not agree that a democracticly elected government that is functioning in a dictatorial manner should be allowed... more »

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