Democracy is not demagogy

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Have you ever been in a situation when you say:"It cannot be worse than that"?.

Yes, I forgot to take my medicine; but have you ever lived or visited Port-au-Prince when things are so bad you are even scared to go to the next door to buy a beer?

Aristide did not create that situation, he inherited it and improved it to his own welfare.

The theory sounds good but, in practice, democracy involves some rigorous rules: if you're using democracy for being undemocratic and despotic in the name of a fake mandate from a fake election, let your ass go burn in hell, we'll deal with the outcome later.

The first coup was ideous.

The man was behaving and Ti Rene. as prime minister, was doing a spectacular job; but the second adventure starting from his return leaves a lot to desire.

He became a mad man. How can you let a mad man run a country for the sake of democracy?

In Ecuator ( I love those people), as soon as a president steps out of his line, the call comes from the public and the military gets rid of him to replace him with another fairly elected man.
5 years is a lot of time to make a lot of damage.

"Better save the sorries".

If someone had stopped Hitler in the 1939, there would have been no massacre.

Our humanity is a big business.

we cannot let one mad man mess it all up over and over and over again.

Who is titid?

- a fakee.

He should undergo a coup every day of his final days, that demon.

Adhbriz, please and you know it, when you talk about titid, i lose all logic.

Plato did not write "the Republic" for that mad mf to fake us like that on our thirst for democracy.

Dessalines did not die because he was a bad man to the country but because he claimed for a just repartition of the land.
I like some dictators like Christophe who instituted the best university, work and school for everyone, a sense of civilization that only he could see.
But I hate fakees like Petion who, in the name of democracy, f. ups everything for generations to come; and they are so fake that everyone (analphabet) thinks they are the best leaders.

Ayisyen Patriyot, August 17 2006, 9:43 PM

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