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You nailed it friend. They are both incompetent but I don't...

You nailed it friend. They are both incompetent but I don't think Preval is as corrupted or as much a dictator as his... more »

Beautiful piece Magic

Beautiful piece Magic. Nothing else to say It is just magic mister Magic. Dieu dira le reste. Il est grand temps... more »

Makendal on sakapfet is awsome

Hello my people, I havent had time to even check my emails the past months, no time to write, blug or blog whatever... more »

I would love to be useful

Believe me! If I could go back to Haiti right now, I would. I got enormous capacities and a heart bigger than Atlas's... more »

Very serious conversations now: I like it

Since I am so busy worrying about my own biz now, I haven't had time to focus. It seems you guys are talking about... more »

Good message from a real patriyot

I am an Haitian and I love my country. Why we cannot all get together and move that land of Dessalines forward? We can... more »

Youre dreaming or now

aristid wil never come back. aristid is a cancer. aristid is a setback. aristide is a sucker. Keep dreaming dreaming A... more »

Amen Trebu Patriyot

You did better than I could expose my deception to the public. As far as I am concerned, someone called me a... more »

Mwen pa bay manti tankou-w

I do have an MBA and I have my own small business. How can you be teaching if your english is so awful? Maybe in... more »

aristid messed it up

We had such a big hope with his election to the presidency. He started acting like a mentally incapable. A.-He came... more »

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