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What about the real tchouls?

Some people, like Y. Binbin, are the "chouls" of their own minds. It is time to understand that we cannot keep... more »

No pride when we messed up allover

I am in a hurry to go to bed, I cannot write long, but let me tell you: " If we're talking about pride, we've had none... more »

Mistake: You have to voice your opinion

If you see the light, you have to say it; if you have the light in you, you have to let it spread. Talk Talk Talk... more »

Mon cher ami la fierte n'apporte tjrs pas bonheur

Que voulez-vous patriote? Que nous soyons des revolutionnaires comme en 1804? Ces temps sont passes. Qu'on le veuille... more »

Preval is in command I believe

U got me. About Guy Francois, I did know nothing but the fact he was a brilliant officer of Casernes under Jean C... more »

Nou Kapab

Things could go better if, at least, someone like adebhriz or observerkin, or GSimon would have intervened. After the... more »

I am back. I over-reacted

People, I overrreacted about a response from some blugger. When I checked the website, the message was not on yet and... more »

I am out. No more Opininons

I was giving my opinions. Somebody wrote me this in my e-mail, something I havent been able to read on the main... more »

Who was Guy Francois. Qui etait-il?

Last night, my wife's pastor called me to ask me about Guy Francois, I mistakenly described him as Michel Francois... more »

Go Preval

I like the attitude of the prime minister; I like the attitude of the president and I know he and I we communicate by... more »

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