Well yeah but no cause we're not ready

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In a civilized society where the majority of the population knows better, it would be a very good thing for the strenghtening of democracy, but as far as I am concerned, though Haitians are good and funny in general, most of them are not ready to give up on their passion for the sake of the country.

Those past leaders, using their past experience and their still burning desire to regain power, would use them and inflame them and challenge them for their own sake.
Remember the saying: " La mize pa dous! Moun ki swe pou wou se pou li pouw chanje chemiz".

When you are hungry, someone comes and gives you a few dollars, you would give your life for that person and hate all those who say this person is not good without knowing that person was using u for his own sake with a few dollars probably stolen earlier from you somehow.

We are not ready for all those "Pedes" (they all are) to go back and take control because they can and they will with their money, their fans, their base, their state of mind, their idiocy, their selfishness, their inner sense of superiority because they are using the so-called "less intelligent", the hungry, the culture, the this and the that, to control a whole nation, which happens to be the first black independent republic in the world.

This cannot happen.

We have to fix our democracy first, our legal system, our way of doing things, our education system, etc.
Liberalism to me is not a mental disorder, but it can lead to major misinterpretations and mistakes.

Aristide or Cedras or Francois or JanKlod whom I think was a cool guy who did not know what the heck he was doing because he was always high, none of them can come back now because our democracy is not strong enough to deal with those losers.


Ayisyen Patriyot, September 11 2006, 8:06 PM

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